Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby E is 5!

Our first-born turned 5 today. F-I-V-E! I really don't know when that happened. I'm scared I'll blink and she'll be 10. Yet, that's how it is raising little ones. Four blinks and daddy is walking her down the aisle. 

You want them to grow up, yet you want them to stay little a little longer. I'm on a quest to keep them little as long as possible! :)  Baby E isn't aware of some things that girls her age are, simply because I want to keep her childhood simple. I want to put off 'serious things' as long as possible. Because she isn't around other girls every day but mostly with me, she doesn't think about things like body image, affluenza, the latest child pop stars, or jealousy. Yes I know eventually these things may affect her, but we as parents are here to build a strong foundation of character and faith so that these things do not affect her in negative ways and she'll be able to navigate life being herself.  

Baby E 3 months

That's one of the hardest things as a parent these days, isn't it. In a world that constantly tries to make our children (and us) into someone they are not - we need to steer them to be themselves. To discover and know themselves. 

She hasn't lost her uniqueness. But she is only 5, long road ahead. 

Meanwhile I'll let her play pretend, to keep her imagination going. I won't regret not having TV in the house, never have. I don't regret that I don't have to listen to kids begging for things they do not need, but are simply told to acquire through advertising. I don't regret having her home 24/7. 

Regrets? We all have some. Hm, I think I regret not letting her play in the mud and dirt enough. It's something she loves, but I think both my husband and I have forced her into some mild OCD tendencies. That's my mission for this year. More dirt. I'm serious. I know Baby T will join in with her. 

I'm thankful to be her mother. She has tested my patience, revealed unconditional love, and taught me more than any teacher. I pray she grows into a young woman with a beautiful soul and an open heart for those around her!

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First photo credit: V & A Photography, taken by myself
Second photo: my mom


  1. What a sweet picture of you with her at 3 months! I can relate to your goal of her playing in more dirt, ha ha! I want my daughter to be ok with getting a little dirty. :-)


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