Monday, January 27, 2014

Stella's Voice: The Most Important Thing You'll Read and Watch Today

Did you know that there are more slaves today than any time in human history? I didn't. There are millions of slaves all over the world and a large percentage of them are trafficked for sexual exploitation from country to country. In 2004 when I was 21, I traveled to Moldova with a group of youth and adults on a missionary trip. Outside of my comfort zone, I was blessed to help children and orphans in villages, bringing them the gospel. 

That is just one of many reasons why Stella's Voice is a ministry that tugs at my heart strings and I can't sit idle, I need to do something about this. You see, Moldova is one of the poorest countries on that continent. The dilapidated state-run orphanages keep children until they are 16 and then they are sent out onto the street on their own. Many end up as human trafficking victims, sold into the sex trade with no hope for a better life. 

Please watch this video. Grab a tissue.

Stella's House is a home for orphan girls who have been aged out of state-run facilities. They also have a home for orphan boys, those at risk for being sold into slavery for construction work in Russia. 

"There are fifty-three girls in the homes now, and two more Stella’s Houses will be in operation in the near future. That means we will be even better able to end human trafficking, as we minister to these girls who have been left behind. 
It will cost $350,000 to convert each of the current shells into homes. When the two new homes are complete, they will each become a refuge for 25 girls. To a trafficker, each girl they “own” is worth $350,000 — each and every year that they are held in modern slavery. 
Our prayer is that God will lay it on the hearts of men and women everywhere to see the worth of these girls, and that many will be eager to donate the funds needed, to help us complete these homes and take one more step to stop human trafficking, now."

Orphan Girls from Stella's House

Myself and several girls that I know have formed a local group to help raise funds for various worthy causes and right now we are focusing on Stella's Voice and helping them build more homes for these orphan girls. 

I know not many of you have a ton of change to spare. But I also know there are things far more important than a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, that one more dress you wanted to buy for your daughter, or a new gadget on your shopping list because yours is 'outdated'. 

Be part of the ray of hope for the orphan girls of Moldova and join our Save the Sex Slaves fundraiser!

While we cannot single-handedly stop worldwide human trafficking, if we all pitch in to help those that are already doing something to stop it, we will propel the cause and it will matter to those souls that are directly affected by illegal human trafficking. 

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