Saturday, June 1, 2013

Motherhood is... Hard | Beautiful | Fulfilling {Dear Best Friend...}

As we grow from adolescents to adults, we awaken to the reality of responsibilities, bills, work, running a household. Then we welcome children into our hearts and homes and we realize how easy we had it until that point. A whole new world opens up, with the weight of being responsible for a little human being resting on your shoulders. It is joyous, overwhelming, and often exhausting.  


Motherhood is hard. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. You wake up to wipe noses, wash potties, break up fights (if you have more than one), tackle laundry, manage tantrums, change diapers, endless nursing sessions, soothe upset tummies, brush teeth other than your own, brainstorm remedies for ailments, chop veggies, cook meals, feed little mouths, wash endless stacks of dishes, vacuum or sweep, organize, step on Legos.

Balance work and children. Balance wife and mother.

That's just one day. That's not even all of it. Then you'll wake up and do it over and over again, for just about 365 days a year. Year after year. Often with seldom a 'thank you' for your ears when your family gets used to what you do every day and doesn't notice it so much.

You'll wonder if you're doing it right. You'll wonder if there is a better way to do this and that. You could care less one moment and be really hard on yourself the next. You'll be on top of things one day and treading water the next. You'll want them to stay little and you'll want them to grow up. You'll wonder if there is anything in life harder than being a mother.


Is there anything more beautiful than waking up to a smiling baby? Than holding a tiny little hand in yours? Kissing their tiny heads that smell like the air after a day outdoors. Gazing into their eyes that trust you with all their hearts. Hearing them say 'mama', heart melted. 

It will mostly be a blur, but you'll remember moments. The first word, the first steps. The vacation down by the lake as a family. The first time she went down the slide by herself. The first time she poured her own milk, spills and all. The first bike ride. The first time flying a kite with daddy.

With all the hardships, motherhood is simply beautiful. It is beautiful knowing they need you so much. Knowing that you are shaping who they will be through your actions. They will remember those moments too, make them memorable.


The challenges of motherhood are physical, emotional, spiritual. It's a battle for the hearts of your children. The amazing thing is seeing them flourish and witnessing their little souls being shaped by everything around them. No matter what you may feel you've failed at, it's always fulfilling knowing that these little humans, mini people, are a part of you. 

Of all the roles you have as a woman, motherhood is perhaps one of the most amazing. You gave birth to a human being?! That is of itself a miracle! Life came out of you. It changes who you are even if you're not aware. 

It's hard to take in the big picture, to realize what an amazing role motherhood is because frankly, sometimes we only see the dirty socks on the floor and the pile of dishes in the sink. Let's be intentional about stepping out of our Selves and look in from the outside. We are the world to our little ones. What do they see in us? What do you want them to see? How do you want them to remember you? 

Has motherhood been hard, beautiful, and/or fulfilling for you?


  1. Very well said!! I can relate to so much of what you say! Thank-you for writing this blog post! LOVE it!!

    1. Thank you Jana, thanks for letting me know it resonated with you! :)


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