Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stainless Partitioned Plates Review {Noplastic.ca}

What is it with kids and wanting all their food separated? Baby E always had a thing for separating each part of the meal on her plate. Chicken, salad, potatoes. She would get anxious if I mixed anything up! Baby T has started doing that too recently and surprisingly my husband also likes everything separate. I guess I'm the only one that likes to mix things up. 

We have switched a lot of our kitchen items to stainless steel and I usually use reusable plastic containers only for non-food items or for the kids to play with. I really love the idea of stainless steel dinner plates and we were really excited to receive these for review from NoPlastic.ca. We got two small ones and two large ones for the whole family, so now Baby T doesn't have to fight over the one stainless tray we had for Baby E. 

The best thing I love about these? They will not break! I wish we had them earlier because out of the eight dinner plates we received as a wedding gift from my best friend, only four remain! I could have saved them if we had some stainless plates to eat out of instead. Funny thing is, it's not even the kids that break them. It's mostly hubby and I, we're so clumsy - both of us. I think the kids only broke one, the rest was us. 

Baby E and Baby T are showing the small size plates in these photos, they are 8 and 2/3 of an inch in diameter. The larger ones are just slightly larger at 9.5 inch diameter. Not a big difference, but big enough to differentiate the kids and adults plates. They are lightweight and priced extremely reasonably at $2.99 each for the smaller ones and $3.79 for larger ones. A set of 6 plates is $14.99 for the small and $19.99 for the large. 

Honestly, they are just a tiny bit thinner than I expected, but still durable and perfect for their purpose (there are heavier weight 18/0 stainless plates available on their website as well). They are great for summer picnics if you want to forego disposable dishes, though of course they are perfect to use year round too. I think these plates make serving food to kids a little more appealing, my kids love them and they will see a lot of use. 

NoPlastic.ca has a lot of other natural household items. You'll find a great selection of food storage containers, cups, mugs, utensils, kitchen gadgets, kids items, and other natural living products. It's a great resource for healthy kitchen and home wares without toxic chemicals found in conventional plastics. 

Enter to win a set of 4 plates as part of the Green Your Summer Event (a $394 package!)

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