Tuesday, April 2, 2013

'Homemade' Bubbles or 'How to Entertain a Younger Sibling'

Four year old Baby E loves bubbles, but last time she played with a neighbor she had an allergic reaction on her skin to the chemicals in the store-bought toxic bubbles. So now we make our own! It's actually ridiculously easy to make your own homemade bubbles. Okay, so I don't make the soap... I just put a teaspoon of our non-toxic dish soap into a bowl and add two tablespoons of warm water, swish to dissolve and you're ready to go. No, I didn't actually measure it, so it's just approximate! I used the Earth Friendly Products Apricot Dish Soap, but I've used others in the past such as the Better Life Hand Soap and Sun & Earth Dishwashing Liquid

Now you see it...

Now you don't! 

We didn't have a bubble wand, so we improvised. Yes, my friends, that is part of the Nosefrida! We do love that thing for clearing snotty noses in the winter, and let me assure you - a lot of hot water and soap went into getting that thing clean so that we could make bubbles. They had such a blast doing this in the kitchen, and I can't wait to have them outside for bubbles in warmer weather too. Best of all, it gives mommy ten to fifteen minutes to wash the dishes in peace! Well, almost, just a little refereeing in between with things like "No, you can't blow bubbles into his eyes!" and "Please don't let him have the bowl with the soap!"

Even if it didn't give me a few minutes of down time, it's worth it just to watch the interaction that happens between them! Not to mention the oodles of fun they are having! I'm just thankful it's simple and involves no glitter ;)

What is your kids' favorite thing to do or play together? 

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  1. It's been 70 here in WA, when its hot any kid likes to play with the water. I've been recycling milk jags, asking relatives to collect some metal food jars for me for farther projects, the next thing i know kids were filling them with water and playing. They also have been digging the weeds and planting them in pots =)
    One of the things i took from your blog why back, when Eliana was painting with just a paint brush and water, that's our favorite too =)

    1. I'm jealous of the weather there! There were a few warm days, but now it's cold again. Can't wait for the water painting outside! I think Baby T will love it since he has never tried it before, it will be fun to watch. Only thing that really sucks is that we have no yard, I can't leave them outside for a sec alone (like while watering in the back of the house), not a safe neighborhood.

  2. These pictures of your kids playing together are adorable!

  3. we love homemade everything. I found some really good recipes for bubble, play dough and slime! Its a fun rainy day activity. Blowing bubbles in the bath tub is also fun!

    1. We've made play dough too, now that you've reminded me I forgot to write a post about that and it was over a year ago! :) We'll have to try bubbles in the bathtub, why didn't I think of that?! :)

  4. Oh I need to do this. My babies don't get enough bubbles. And I have a Nose Frieda too!lol.

  5. Home made bubbles will be great when the next Chinook hits. It'll be a great way to keep my toddler entertained :)


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