Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Another Day at Eco-Babyz...

I was going to post the next {Dear Best Friend...} pregnancy and baby related post. Was is the keyword there. The kids, and life, had other plans. You know it will be an odd day when you are finishing preparing your husband's work lunch seconds after he already should have left for work. When we eat breakfasts at different times. When the house is clean but you're way, way behind on work. 

Perhaps the only thing normal today was Baby T's nap time, he slept a little more than an hour and seemed content when he woke up. He rarely does this, but at the post-nap-and-snack-time diaper change full of stinky poop, I hear a forceful water trickle and it wasn't the faucet! Yep, he peed on me. Boys are just so good at aiming at mommy. Nothing out of the ordinary, my fault I didn't think to put him on his potty the second I took the diaper off!

As I was cleaning up after dinner, Baby E and Baby T were having a blast playing with a laundry basket. I start wondering what the point is of all the toys they have if they are so content with a laundry basket? Every minute I would remind Baby E to play gently with him, she can be obnoxious sometimes. She would hide under the basket and Baby T would sit right on top pretending he is riding a horse. Then Baby E would slowly get up and little brother would slide off with glee and laughter. When things get rowdy I know it will end in tears, that's what happened this time! Baby T somehow managed to bite/cut both his lips as he slid down, with pints of blood gushing - okay, so it just seemed like it to me at the moment. 

I try my best to keep my composure at moments like this. So I grabbed him and went to the bathroom to run cold water on the lips and wash them, simultaneously asking Baby E to grab a chair, open the freezer, and get me some ice. Thankfully it wasn't anything major, just another bruise - which seems to be a daily occurrence around here. Some arnica and the swelling went down, he nursed comfortably later.

With traumatized baby in one arm, I grabbed a sauce pan and put it on to melt some butter for making gluten free cookies later that night, after the kids are in bed. Little did I know that it would take twice the usual amount of time to get them to bed! I didn't forget about the butter, but I didn't think it would burn the way it did. It was still the consistency of melted butter - just black, when I finally got there. The kitchen was starting to get smoked up, I got there just in time.

This morning we're going to a play date and after a day like yesterday - I don't even know if they'll get up for it, and we all know how cranky babies can be if you wake them before they got their beauty sleep!

Funny thing is, I will wake up and [mostly] look forward to doing this mothering thing all over again, day after day, no matter how crazy it gets. 

Photo: From a few days ago when I let them play with junk mail.


  1. HA HA HA THIS is so awesome...i thought my days were only like this! The other day I went out to do laundrary and locked my appartmnet without the key with oil on the stove! So a cop had to break my door. Thank goodness it was COCONUT oil on the stove that has a smoking point of 350. If I was cooking with evo, I don't even want to know what would have happend. Everyone knew though that I had coconut oil on the stove, it smelled. I really thought the cop would have a key somehow so I said, oh nooo you really gona break my door I am going to pay for this, don't you have a key or something? and he goes "ma'am its either this whole place is going to explode because of your oil or I will break your door" .... "the door sir"

    1. Haha :) Thanks for sharing your story! I had dairy butter (I make cookies with it) on the stove and that has a very low smoke point. Wish I used ghee instead, but it is so much more expensive.


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