Thursday, September 20, 2012

6 Tips for a Baby Friendly Wardrobe

I never thought that having children would have such an impact on my wardrobe choices, honestly. Have kids, so what, I'll wear the same stuff - I thought. Yeah. If it was only that simple. Fact is, not only does your body change in many ways, so does the way you wear clothing. Or should I say the way your babies will treat your clothing, stretch it, tug on it, spit-up on it, etc. Take away some tips from our experience, it will spare you some wardrobe mistakes.  

Avoid Black: Black is slimming, it matches anything, it's great to accessorize. But with babies, your most prized accessory will be spit up and milk. Uhm, not so great looking on black. I have personally never been a fan of black or dark clothing, and even less so now that I have small children. I do have one nursing dress I particularly love, it's really convenient to nurse in - but it is black and shows every speck of dust and spot of drool. 

Button Down: Tops and dresses that button down are really convenient for nursing babies and you will generally be able to find them much cheaper than actual nursing clothing. A versatile nursing tank top will go a long way and can be paired with button down shirts and cardigans for really discreet nursing. If you can't splurge on a nursing dress, those tend to be expensive, a button down dress is a great affordable option. 

Embrace Prints: Oh yes, prints are your friends. Seriously, it seems like the moment I put a clean shirt on - it's like an inviting canvas for spit-up, or snot. At least I'll still look presentable and every photo will not be ruined if I wear a shirt or dress that hides all these baby surprises. This is especially helpful with newborns that spit.up.a.lot. Oh, and toddlers that like to fling their food across the kitchen (or restaurant). Not on purpose of course [sarcasm]. Your crisp white shirt may take a long vacation in the back of the closet.

Nursing Friendly: Before kids, clothing designed specifically for nursing wasn't even something that crossed my mind. Now that I've been nursing for almost 4 years in a gazillion different places, I can say that it's worth splurging a little for some versatile nursing tops. You'll thank me. When you are at the park, restaurant, or the museum with your little one and he/she wants to nurse you'll sigh and think "So glad that the Eco-Babyz blogger encouraged me to invest in some nursing tops, sure makes this easier!" 

Downsize: In nearly all aspects of life, many people are downsizing. Your wardrobe needs this. Having too much clothes that you don't even wear takes your time, your energy, and your resources. How much time do you spend looking for what to wear? Finding something that matches? Can you actually say you love everything in your closet? I find that the fewer choices I have, the easier it is to get dressed - the key is being more intentional about what you own. That means you don't just go to the store and buy something 'because it's cute and was on sale'. You take everything out of your closet, donate the things you haven't worn in a year, donate more things you don't think you'll wear in the next 6 months, keep about 30 to 40% of what you have, then do some intentional shopping for key items that are missing. 

Baby Bling: I have to admit that when I first saw 'baby friendly jewelry' that they can gnaw and chew on, I thought it was overkill. Why not just wear your own? When I tried it, I was a convert. Especially with a little one who has a hard time teething. Especially with a baby who has a thing for beads and knickknacks. You don't have to get rid of all your own jewelry, obviously, but having a piece or two that the baby can entertain themselves with is so helpful. It's been priceless for us on many occasions of changing the diaper on a fussy, tired baby, waiting in line somewhere, and a hundred other places. 

First photo: Baby T and I at a birthday party.

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  1. Despite the occasional fumbling fingers, I'm a big fan of the button down shirts!!!

  2. looks like i'm going to have to invest in some baby friendly jewelry...

  3. This is such a great post. I am pregnant now and I will defintiely be keeping these things in mind!

  4. This is great my clothes are all sweats becase of kids this came me some ideas

  5. I recently discovered "baby bling". I didn't know about it with my first, and I recently won a teething necklace, so I get to try it as well. I never used nursing tops, (they didn't fit me very well, but I've used loose clothing and button-down shirts. I definitely downsized my wardrobe. I still wear black, (it goes good with my skin tone), and I'm going to start looking into nursing tops because nursing in public with blankets, doesn't always work when you have a baby that like to pull on them, and doesn't like to be covered. Our second daughter is 3 1/2 months now, and is in that phase...

    1. I think you would love the nursing tops, they really solve the problem of 'baby hates being covered and needs to nurse right this second!'. Out of the brands I've tried, I like Momzelle, Expressiva, and Annee Matthew the best. Then there is also Undercover Mama, which is awesome because you can make any shirt into a nursing shirt!

  6. I have to tell you, I don't miss those spit up and drooling days! My daughter is 3 more and still gets me with a spill or sticky fingers from time to time. You are exactly right about the black! It is so horrible when you have kids and wear black!


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