Saturday, September 22, 2012

Children Yearning for Adulthood

We spend our childhood yearning to be adults, and then we spend adulthood dreaming of being children again.

Baby E came up to me today, asking if she can use the colander to 'do her laundry', I gave it to her to play with. Then my thoughts started racing and this above is what I thought. I'm sure it's not an original thought or quote - but it came straight out of my head at that very moment. Here she is, wanting to do 'adult things', imitating my every task. I remember doing that as a child. I was thinking "Someday sweetie, you'll be saying to yourself 'not another load of laundry!' Until then, have fun."

I am looking at her now and thinking to myself "What would I give to be a child again!" Without a care in the world, just playing and being. Such a sacred and amazing part of life - childhood. 

I remember being six, I remember just how important it seemed that everything I did was. Playing wasn't just play to myself, it was very important - it was intentional. If we only were as intentional about what we do when we are adults. We can learn a thing or two from our children and the way they play, the way they want to be all grown up - to be us.


  1. This is sooo true! My husband and i talk about it all the time. I find myself still doing it! I did it before i was engaged, married etc. If only we knew then what we know now...i feel like i would have slowed down and enjoyed that "freedom".

    (My sisters and I used to play "highschool" when we were younger, rushing to classes and doing homework..ugh!)

  2. This is so true! My whole life I always wanted to be older and I always wanted to be in the next stage of life.... And in a way I'm so glad I was like that because I was always working towards a new goal and at 26 I feel like ive accomplished so much! But at the same time I have days where I wonder why I rushed things... I love my life but.it would be nice to go back to the carefree days of life :)

  3. Very true... I remember wanting to be a grown up so badly, when I was little and then when adulthood came, I didn't want it at all! haha


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