Saturday, September 10, 2011

Glucose Test Alternatives: Welcome to the Third Trimester

We're coming along and there are supposedly less than two months until this baby will be born! I am personally ready, but our home is not. Our toddler's room isn't ready, the attic isn't done, everything is a mess. Not something I was expecting to deal with less than two month's before the baby's arrival!

Just a few weeks ago I had to go through the usual ordeal of the glucose test that all pregnant women are 'required' to take. Oh wait, it wasn't usual - quite the opposite. And it isn't required by the way. If you hate that orange drink as much as I do, you must read this! Especially if you are pregnant and haven't taken the test yet...

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  1. Just last week I had to do my glucose tolerance test. I did know there were some alternatives and asked for a "real food" alternative. I was told I could eat jellybeans instead and given the number of jellybeans to eat, depending on which brand I chose. They said there is too much variation in the amount of sugar in most other foods (like the bananas and bread you go tot eat). I'm not sure WHY it has to be such a PRECISE amount of sugar anyway. And I did not have to do the test fasting- much to the surprise of the lab techs. They seemed to be quite upset that I was not "following protocol."
    Still not what I wanted, but SO much better than that nasty stuff most women have to drink. I'm glad you got to avoid all the unnatural products for your test, just like you wanted.


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