Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Months Pregnant and Knowing This...

Yes, that's me! Thanks to my dear friend for taking such a good photo. This was at a wedding this July at 5 months pregnant. I'm really enjoying being pregnant, hence you may not see too many posts on the blog! I'm trying to take it easy and make the most of summer.

The second pregnancy is very different from the first in so many ways, here are some differences and things I've learned.

1. There isn't really any 'me' time with an active toddler. With the first pregnancy I could sleep as much as I wanted, eat when I want to, go for walks when I feel like it, and have a lot of alone time with my husband. None of that now!

2. Taking prenatal vitamins gets lost in the back of my mind. I'm lucky if I remember them every other day.

3. I have no idea what week I'm on. With the first pregnancy I would know how far along I am practically to the day. Now I don't even know what week I'm on.

4. The second pregnancy feels pretty much the same as the first. Same aversion to meat for the first three months. Same lightheadedness. Baby kicking around the same time.

5. Pregnancy flies by so much faster the second time around. Where did these 5 months go?! Is summer almost over?! Someone tell me what happened?!

6. I'm no longer anxious about giving birth. That's a relief. At least this time I know what my body is doing and I am more sure of what it is capable of.

7. Flattering maternity clothing rocks! I didn't really have much with the first pregnancy, this time with the Pregnancy Shopping Guide Event at least I have a few pieces and it's great moral support! So nice to know I have something that fits, is comfortable, and looks flattering.

8. Just like with the first pregnancy at this point around 5-6 months I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to cook, I don't want to clean, I want to sit and stare at the ceiling, I want to sleep - A LOT. I want my toddler playing games by herself. Does she cooperate? Sometimes. She is doing a puzzle as I'm typing. As a matter of fact, I don't want to be writing this post ;)

9. I miss my husband. This didn't apply with the first pregnancy. We were always together. Now this 2 something year old eats up most of my time.

10. Why did I wait to get a bread-maker until now? This would have been great with the first pregnancy (when I bought bread) and the entire past two years that I've been making bread by hand every week! What was I thinking? How much is my time worth, certainly more than a bread-maker.

11. It's too bad I can't sleep at night when normal people do. I don't think it was this bad last time. I wake up in the middle of the night and just can't go back to sleep for several hours at a time. Hence I'm always sleepy.

This is by all means not an exhaustive list. I could go on... How was your second pregnancy different?


  1. I was so busy with work when I was pregnant with my son that I often just felt like I was bumbling along the journey. I'm a SAHM now and he's 3-years old so things are a bit different the second time around. I'm 17w1d now, as you can probably tell, I know exactly how pregnant I am this time around. I also find that my fatigue is far worse and I chalk it up to having zero caffeine since I consumed quite a bit of daily coffee when I was PG with my son. I wake up from around 2:00 am to 5:00 am every day too so this bizarre wake up schedule certainly isn't helping my energy. One more thing that is different this time around is that I've only gained two pounds, but I'm inexplicably showing a tiny tummy. I had gained more weight with my son (weighed the same when I got PG both times), but didn't really appear to show until after 20-weeks.

  2. I feel you! 5-6 months kicked in and I want to do nothing!! No coupling, no menu planning, nothing.

    I'm pregnant with twins and have a 3 year old. This pregnancy has flown by and in as few as 7 weeks, we could have our two little girls!

    This time was less morning sickness, bigger faster, kicking earlier, and different issues. Thankfully, we've gone without bed rest this time! With my son I was on it at 20 weeks.

  3. One thing i can say every pregnancy is different, i don't really remember much from my second pregnancy but my third one is just going by so fast. Keeping up with two kiddies, two gardens, and fitting workout at least once a week, i have no time to think i need a brake.
    Not mentioning keeping up with the books i need to finish this summer, cooking on the other hand is a requirement so it goes along.
    Only by the end of the day when i hit the couch after kids are asleep i have so little energy left, i can sleep like a baby.


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