Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mimic the Baby's Environment in the Woomb

Swaddling has many benefits for newborns as well as their parents (we all need sleep, right?). Yet often it can affect the baby negatively if he/she is swaddled too tight and motor development is inhibited. Also, swaddling tightly may cut circulation in arms and hands and swaddling for long periods should be avoided. Many specialty swaddling blankets on the market today often do not hold up to highly maneuverable and wiggly babies. The Woombie is a great product that addresses all of the above issues. It mimics the environment of the baby while he/she was in the mother's womb - providing a sense of comfort and security, yet it is designed to allow the baby some movement without unraveling the swaddle.

UPDATE 05/12/09: Read my review of the Woombie here!
I can now attest from experience that this is the single most important baby gear item I own. Otherwise I might as well have given up on sleep completely.

Read the great reviews here.

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