Friday, January 23, 2015

A Unique Potty Learning Chart

So yeah, potty training a boy is not happening as easily as it did with my girl. Most moms told me, now I believe it. I see now that it is more "parent intensive" with boys than with girls. Okay, so my sample size of two children doesn't mean it's true for everyone, but that's my observation! I really wish we started earlier, much earlier - like in some countries where babies are potty learning when they are less than one year old and guess what - it works!

Baby T turned 3 in November, his birthday came and went. Now I'm left with a boy who is mildly interested in the potty. Well at least he is over the fear of it he used to have. I kid you not, he would scream be very uncomfortable at the sight of it. What really helped us is abandoning the potty entirely and switching to the toilet with a Little Looster (awesome product, LOVE it!) that Baby E has been using since she was three. This marked the turning point of actually having time on the potty without fits, of course this means I had to entertain him long enough for him to sit there and eliminate. This meant books and stories with my hands as puppets. 

Then I had another idea that went off in my head like a bulb. I used to tell myself I'd never be the mom using potty training charts for my kids! Of course the moment came when I actually though it would be a good idea. I didn't want to make a boring traditional chart though, it goes against out free-thinking life-learning tendencies. So I came up with this quick road drawing and we got car and construction vehicles stickers (there are tons of fun ones like these and these and these). He loves it and there is definitely progress! Now I hope we will not be needing stickers forever, but it has worked to motivate him and now he sometimes asks to go, though half the time I just put him on the potty myself. 

There are also plenty of neutral stickers like these and these or girly ones if you have a little princess, my daughter would love these and these. You can get really creative with scenes and themes! Draw a jungle, a castle, a highway, or a zoo - whatever your kids like. Some of the Melissa and Doug sticker pads come with habitats already drawn, perfect if you're not really into drawing your own. 

The key for us is having little boy undies that he wears at home so he becomes very aware of when an accident happens and more thoughtful about when he has to go. Even better when he can run around without any bottoms at all, but it's not always possible with a very curious 6 year old sister. Unless he is wearing a long shirt that covers his bum, I will put undies on him It's been really hard to find ones without annoying cartoon characters! Are you with me on that? We've had success with the fit of these on our super slim boy. If finances weren't as tight, I'd love some organic undies for him like these and these.  

It also helps when there is an older sibling, these two are inseparable. He witnesses that his older sister doesn't wear diapers and goes on the toiler all by herself. She can also be helpful in telling me when he has to go even if I'm not in the same room and may be busy editing photos from a wedding or photo session for Borisyuk Photography. Other times she just let's me know that her baby brother is already stinky or there is "clean up on aisle two". Those are not fun! That's why when he is in real undies, I try to at least be in close vicinity to prevent accidents!

How is potty training going for you? Do you have a little boy? If you've been there, tips are welcome!

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself starting earlier may have led you to more frustration. He will start when he is ready, my son eventually went after I stopped insisting and bribing. Courage.


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