Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheap and Fun Toddler Game

This hairstyle was her idea, she asked for it :)

The other day my 4.5 year old Baby E came up with a fun game that resulted in nearly an hour of fun for her and her brother Baby T. It's something I didn't think of, but I loved that it is cheap, easy, safe, and they had a blast!

All you need is a rubber band ball like this one or this one, both of these are real natural rubber - not a petroleum based rubber band. You can also use anything you have on hand for holding these, we used a baby tub from IKEA. You could also use a large bowl, a basket, cardboard box, laundry basket, or anything else you come up with.

There is really nothing to it! Baby E took the whole rubber ball apart and they were playing by throwing the rubber bands in the air - they flew everywhere. Then they would spend several minutes gathering them all together and then repeat the throwing again. and again. and again. 

It was wonderful because I could wash the dishes in peace and they had so much fun, I was laughing watching them! I love that it doesn't leave a complete mess, the rubber bands are really easy to gather together, and it doesn't require any involvement from me.

I highly recommend trying this with toddlers. They love the sensory experience of throwing and gathering the rubber bands, sitting in them, 'swimming' in them, sorting them by colors, counting them, etc.Simple, fun, and cheap!

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  1. I love her dress!!! Where did you get it? I think I've seen that fabric before??

    Very cute game - they're adorable :)

    1. Thank you Erin! :) The dress is from an Etsy boutique we've reviewed a few months back - that's probably where you saw it ;) http://www.eco-babyz.com/2013/02/alyssa-nickohl-designs-dress-etsy.html


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