Wednesday, July 31, 2013

phil&teds Promenade Stroller on Zulily just this week! {ends 8/8}

Can you guess which stroller brand is known for the ability to carry two kids? phil & teds, that's the one. Guess what? Just this week they are on Zulily at over 40% off! I thought that was too good of a deal not to share with you! Especially if you are mom to one and expecting a second - it's the perfect stroller for you! 

I don't have a phil & teds, but I've seen a few in person and as far as I see, it's a great stroller brand. Originally priced at $850, you can get the Promenade Stroller for just $499.99 and the second seat is only $99.99 (originally $160). 

If you haven't seen what this stroller can do, take a look:

If you need even more info to make a decision, take a look at Hollie's video of the Promenade over at Baby Gizmo! 

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