Saturday, June 22, 2013

Above and Beyond {Dear Best Friend...}

When you become a mother, you'll notice that everything you do takes a little longer. You'll be adding a few minutes on to every household task because life with little ones is full of interruptions. 

Some days you'll be just getting by with so many things on your to do list that every task will require minimalism - otherwise you'll simply not get it done in time. 

Make the floor just clean enough so it isn't sticky. 

Do just enough laundry so it doesn't fall out of the basket. 

Play with baby just enough so you don't feel too guilty being busy with household chores. 

Cook a meal simple enough so it doesn't take up too much time to prepare. 

That's the reality of daily life as a mom, for most of us without maids, au pairs, and personal chefs. 

Sometimes though, even if you don't really want to - feel free to throw that minimalism out the window, just for a day. Why? Well, do you ever recall a time when someone did something really special for you and went above and beyond the usual, the minimal. Something that made you feel appreciated, loved, or simply noticed?

Sometimes your spouse and your kids need that. Well, they need it regularly - we all do. But don't wait for someone to start, start with yourself. 

Maybe it's a special meal for your husband. 

Maybe it's the day trip that your kids really wanted to take but you haven't had the chance yet. 

Maybe it's simply some extra long playtime getting down to your kids' level and playing with them like you are a kid again. 

Not only will it make them feel special, appreciated - it will do wonders for your soul as well! 

We live in a very self-centered culture. What's in it for me? Why aren't my needs met? Who is going to make me feel special?

We don't need to try to be supermoms and do it all. But going the extra mile for those you love will make you feel like super mom, though not in a 'I'm perfect and can do it all' kind of way. Even if that means letting the dishes pile a little and skipping one day of doing laundry. 

Me? I've lagging in this department. I'm that mom that's getting just the minimum done everyday to prevent complete chaos, but I haven't done anything lately to make my kids and spouse feel special. I feel like I need that even more than they do. 

Have you went above and beyond for your spouse or kids lately? 


  1. I think you could do just something little, maybe just bringing your husband a coffee or whatever he likes. My husband loves ice cream so sometimes I will buy his favorite flavor at the store. Or even if it is raining outside, going out with the girls and doing a rain dance. It's the little things, right?

    1. Yes, definitely the little things that count :) My husband loves my homemade pizza, so even though I don't always enjoy making the crust, slicing all the onions, mushrooms, grating cheese, etc. I still do it once a week or two, he loves it and so do the kids. He works second shift and goes to bed late, every morning I try to keep the kids quiet as long as I can so he can get some more sleep. I make him tea, he is a big tea drinker :) The kids are easy to please, they enjoy it immensely when I just ignore the chores and play with them a little!


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