Sunday, March 31, 2013

Organizing Closet Accessories

Lately, I have a slight obsession with decluttering and organizing. Must be spring and the fact that I spend too much of my day managing the stuff in this house. We need more room to breathe! So to make some breathing room in our entry coat closet I've decided to take a regular over-the-door pocket shoe organizer and instead use it for hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and other outdoor gear. 

It is such a simple thing, but has really transformed the closet! All these things were piled in bins on the top shelf before. Not only was it impossible to see anything, but you couldn't grab what you need without it all falling out. Doesn't help that I'm 5'2". Doing this made me realize we could donate about 30% of the accessories and I actually have found many items I forgot we had. We now also have room for bike helmets and umbrellas on that top shelf - items that aren't used as often. Now that spring is creeping in, I may just put the warmer accessories in storage and instead use it for the kids sun hats, our sunglasses, our favorite non-toxic bug repellent, non-toxic sunscreen, and bathing suits so we can grab what we need as we head out the doors. 

Of course the possibilities are endless! You could use it to organize toys, toiletries, tools, it can even be hung on a walk-in pantry door to store non-perishables. It would also be perfect in a craft room for ribbon or other supplies. 

I got this shoes organizer pictured above on Zulily, but you can grab it at any store like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or even Amazon. I'm sure it isn't to hard to make one yourself if you're crafty!

Eco Tip: Try to avoid buying one made of carcinogenic vinyl. Instead opt for canvas or nylon for a less toxic alternative. You really don't want to be breathing what's in stuff made of vinyl! This one is one of my favorites that I'm thinking of getting for our bathroom. 

How do you organize closet accessories? 

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