Thursday, December 13, 2012


... is what I saw upon entering the bathroom the other day! Ahem. It made me giggle and kind of made my day. It made me realize that sometimes I am just too serious and need to let them be silly. I had to grab the camera and yes, I thought "I'm so blogging this!"

Lots of soap and water went into cleaning my favorite bamboo utensil, which happens to be Baby T's favorite too. When I am not using it he drags it with him. Everywhere. I just thank him he put it in a clean potty! I wonder what he was cooking!?

So what do you think, will Baby T be a chef or a plumber, because there is a little of both in this photo?! :)

What are some silly things your kids have been up to lately?


  1. Buwhahahahaha. I always said the only thing my youngest used his potty chair for was to store his cheetos (eeeeeeeeeeeeew!) and that's true!!!

    Little ones are hilarious and your picture totally made me laugh. :)

  2. Hahaha...my son drags his "blankie" everywhere and even tries to take it with him into the bathtub and *boy* does he cry when mommy won't let him!!! :-)

  3. LOLL too funny!!
    its amazing how a child can bring us right bk to earth ;) thanks for sharing Dorothy B.

  4. hehe I find random stuff in my daughters potty all the time. She doesn't use it yet, it's pretty funny and gives me a laugh every time she does it. :D

  5. Oh yes, I find all kids of things in my daughter's potty chair. Luckily she hasn't actually used it yet.

  6. hahaha that is so funny. It seems like something my daughter would do!

  7. Too funny! Give a child a spoon and everything is a cooking pot. My 3 yr. old's current obsession is bagging up toys. He has 3-4 collections of misc. toys in various bags which he leaves laying around everywhere. His 14 year old sister discovered one today by stepping on it in stocking feet. It was full of Hot Wheels, ouch!

  8. that was cute he might do both but he might be saying something else


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