Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our next breath...

We sometimes live as though we know we will be alive tomorrow. We live as though we know our spouse and kids will still be here. We sometimes treat each other assuming there will be time to make wrongs right.

But we do not have that next breath. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

I am trying not to rush bedtime today. To be happy when Baby T wakes up several times a night. He is here, home with me.

To pay attention to my kids when they talk to me, not just nod.

We have an un-official rule that we will not go to bed angry at each other. We don't 'let the sun set' in our anger. It keeps us close. Teaches us to forgive. To put our Self last.

We let the kids jump into bed with us. They are little for such a short time.

I let them be messy, loud. My hug is tighter today. My heart is heavier, with grief for those parents who cannot hug their little ones anymore in Newtown.

Each day our children and I say goodbye to daddy when he leaves for work. Baby E has to kiss him a certain number of times, she counts. Baby T learned to wave and say 'aye', too cute. I realize how important those moments are. We cherish it every day. Even more so now. 

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  1. I spent the weekend just soaking in my 6, 4, and 2-year-old. You just don't know how much time you have and the events in Conn. remind us of that.


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