Friday, April 6, 2012

A Peek at My Fridge!

I know you want to. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants to know what's in people's fridges, am I? I am curious about others, so I'll show you mine! No, it isn't staged, but it has been recently cleaned. This is taken the day I went food shopping, so that is as full as our refrigerator gets. 

From top to bottom... 

Top Shelf

The top shelf with the mystery black liquid in a jar, that's an opened can of olives, don't worry. The top is usually reserved for leftovers because if I place them anywhere else, we forget about them. Leftover lemon, leftover peas. I also have my packaged imported beets and lentils here, they are vacuum packaged from France. It's a convenience food for us that I can toss into a salad or some other meal. 

Dairy Drawer

See that? That's butter, lot's of it. My cookie recipe calls for three sticks of butter and I make it twice a week, so you do the math. In addition to that we eat KerryGold or Kate's butter for breakfast every other day. That's where all the cheese is at too, we love our Gouda and Raw Milk Cheddar. 

Middle Shelf

I buy half the eggs organic and the other half plain (not labeled, but cage free according to Trader Joe's). We use organic for omellettes and scrambled eggs at brunch, the plain eggs for baking. If it was up to me we would buy four dozen pastured eggs from a local farmer! Alas, our budget isn't there. There is some organic apple sauce, I like to use it for baking, smoothies, and as is for my toddler to munch. That in the back is four large quarts of organic french vanilla yogurt, we eat a lot of it. It is the preferred 'before bed snack' of Baby E. The two packages of strawberries are not usually something in our fridge, my husband went to Aldi's and they happened to be $0.99, how could he resist?! We know they are in the top 3 for pesticide content, I asked him not to buy them there again, or at least not very often.

Bottom Shelf

In the back I have organic potatoes and sweet potatoes. The front is organic rice 'milk', orange juice (my husband's must have), and mango puree juice (first time I bought it just to try because it is too expensive for everyday). The empty spot in front of the potatoes is reserved for the large pot of soup we make every week, it becomes our lunch for about four days - cutting the amount of time I need to spend in the kitchen by a few hours every week!

Produce Drawers

I always wish these were bigger! But this fridge is designed more for the 'typical american diet' - i.e. for lots of packages foods and not so much loose produce. The plastic blue thing is the BluApple. These drawers usually contain some or all of the following: onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, spinach, arugula, zucchini, etc.

Top of Door

Lots of condiments and what not. Almond butter, organic peanut butter, Russian mustard (really hot stuff), horseradish, pesto, organic ketchup, organic blueberry and strawberry preserves (with a low less sugar than normal).

Middle of Door

Garlic, yeast, flax seed, wheat germ, buttermilk and cream (used for baking only), maple syrup. Open bottles of Floradix are also here, unfortunately I forget about them all.the.time!

Bottom of Door

We Can Too paints are here! These edible paints need to be refrigerated, how cool is that? Some Kefir, apple juice, opened wine, random ods and ends. 

What's in your fridge? Maybe you have a post about it if you're random like me! Feel free to link to it in the comments :)


  1. Ha-ha, you don't want to know everything what's in my fridge. When i go shop to TJ i forget about my budget. I keep it pretty full, including my freezer only when I'm too lazy and busy to go shopping i end it up trying to put a meal with everything that is left.

    Lets start with stuff i always have, eggs(not organic, but local from my parents =)
    Organic carrots, organic apples, organic and not always Yougurt, frozen tubes for those hot days, that is our substitute for ice-cream, butter almost never organic because i bake so much (for others) i have lots of butter in the freezer. But we love irish butter on our toast, and vegan kind. Raw cheddar from TJ is kids favorite, everyone gets two slices every day.
    Frozen berries (organic and not) for oatmeal. Sprouted bread, that is always because that is all my hubby eats.
    Garlic,onion,ginger,dill,organic salad,spinach,lemon, (those are always in my fridge)
    zucchini,broccoli,cucambers,sweet potato,celery, that kids won't eat without organicRanch.
    Organic vanilla almond milk for hubby's oatmeal, coconut milk for me =) Organic regular for kids, sometimes organic soy chocolate.
    Oh boy, right now i have organic grapefruits,mangoes,tengerines, melon that I'm so addicted to. Organic pears love them =) apple sauce
    But when i go shopping i get everything that looks good for the right price.
    My mom is addicted to strawberries i never buy them unless organic but once in a while if kids nag i do.
    Yes i love my fruits i always have a tray full of it.
    Juices are not organic most of the time, but we don't drink them too much and they get deleted with water at all times.
    My freezer is full of frozen veggies and chicken/fish.
    Too much to list, i actually like to go down to nothing sometimes. But when i go shopping i get everything that looks good for the right price.

    Maybe few tips, when i have leftover fruits such as pineapple, mango, strawberries, bananas i freeze those for smoothies, smoothies that kids don't finish usually go into frozen pops =)
    My kids love soda because my parents usually have it, at home i delete juice with sprinkled water that is healthier alternative to soda.

    I love to experiment with grains and make vegetarian dishes that is why i have so many veggies.
    I love food bottom line =) lately more than going shopping for household stuff.

    1. I can so see you as a food blogger Luda! Food and photography are so your thing! :) But it is a ton of work, so I don't recommend it, haha.
      This was just my fridge, we do eat a lot of fruit and it's out on a tray usually not in the fridge. But I love food too, lol! I with I could spend more than $250 a month on food, but we really can't, so we eat EVERYTHING before I go food shopping again. I used to have a lot of stuff spoil, but now we try to eat it all.

    2. I never let food spoil, i cook dinners every night just enough for me to have leftovers for lunch. I end it up finishing everyone's plates lol, i never like to see food in the garbage, i always think there is going to be a day when we won't have as much food.

  2. So nice and neat! :) I love to see in others fridges. lol A quick suggestion... Store your produce in containers,mesh bags, or loose, not plastic bags. The plastic will cause them to spoil faster. Also you can wipe down the condensation on the lids occasionally to make them last even longer. :)Right now my fridge is pretty empty. I need to go to the store!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I heard of that before, but haven't implemented it :)

    2. I store my fruits and some veggies in a paper bag from TJ =)


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