Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wee Can Too Edible Art Supplies Review

I am an artist by nature and love all things creative, drawing, photography, sculpture... My career path in Interior Design was chosen by combining my passion for art and architecture and making it into something more practical. I have to admit I don't spend nearly enough time on my artistic passions (if any)! 

I've been a little slow to start my toddler on artistic endeavors. We have primarily stuck with crayons and pencils until now because I don't like anything messy and I am not a fan of how toxic art supplies can be. We're really excited to try Wee Can Too edible art supplies, they take the worry out of baby E tasting some paint when I'm not looking! We received The Original Naturally Safe Fingerpaint Tottle Set (above) and the Edible Veggie Sidewalk Chalk (below) for review. 

The weather hasn't been cooperating for us to try the sidewalk chalk, but we did finally try the fingerpaints today! To say she loved it is an understatement! She was so into it, I had to make sure she understood we weren't painting for the rest of the day. The paints were easy to mix, just add water. That's great that they are shipped as powder without unnecessary weight. It's easy to get the consistency you desire and as the paints thicken you can always add more water. We found them to be perfect and it was a lot less messy than I anticipated, they were not drippy at all. We didn't actually taste them, but my toddler tried to! I didn't let her simply because I don't want her to taste toxic paints if she ever uses some elsewhere.

The colors are not as vibrant as chemical paints, but that's a small price to pay for something edible and safe enough for an infant to paint with. I actually like the earthy tones a lot better than the bright primary colors of conventional paints. Just like I prefer baby gear and clothing that isn't glaringly screaming 'baby!' With these paints I feel safe enough to let her paint by herself while I'm busy with a newborn, within reason of course - I would be near by just to make sure she doesn't decide to stain our walls or carpet!

You can order the natural paint and edible art supplies directly from Wee Can Too - you'll get free shipping on any order over $30! Sign up for their newsletter (bottom right) and stay in the loop on deals, news, and events. You can also follow WeeCanToo on Twitter

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. safe and fun...my 2 favorite qualities in children's supplies!

  2. My sister just got some dots I remember using them in kindergarten.

  3. Very neat idea. I was wondering if there was something along these lines on the market when my son got a set of Crayola finger paint as a gift a couple months ago. Thanks for the review.


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