Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome Baby: Greenbuds Organic Crib Mattresses Review

Of all the natural and organic products you can buy for a baby, I think a mattress is one of the most important. Babies spend much of their life sleeping, it's important to consider what they'll be breathing in when they sleep. Hopefully it isn't toxic chemicals and fire retardants. Finding an affordable crib mattress can be a challenge and it is hard to know which ones are truly non-toxic and organic inside and out. 

We are really excited to present Greenbuds to you today! Their line of organic crib mattresses, infant mattresses, and baby bedding has been created for those looking for more affordable options. No, a conventional toxic mattress that will off-gas for years would still be cheaper - but Greenbuds makes organic mattresses a little more affordable. We are really excited to have received one of their fabulous mattresses for review with our newborn due to arrive in November.

The two organic crib mattress options that Greenbuds offers retail for $339 (Primrose) and $389 (Magnolia). The primary difference between the two is simply the thickness (4.5" vs. 5.5"), by no means the quality. This is a U.S. made mattress - which is a rare find! It comes with a removable organic cotton cover which is naturally water repellent with 100% pure organic wool quilted into it. The mattress comes with 2 sleep surfaces in one - the firm side of natural Coconut Coir for infants to sleep on and a 1" layer of all-natural latex that's perfect for toddlers.

The Greenbuds mattresses are entirely flexible to fit your needs and budget. First you pick the mattress core and then you pair it with a cover. The covers virtually eliminate the need for a mattress protector since they are removable and washable. I have already mentioned the two core options above, the removable cover options are as follows:

  • Organic Cotton Quilted Cover
  • Organic Cotton Quilted with Organic Wool Fill
  • 100% Waterproof Organic Cotton Cover with Food Grade Polyethelyne

In addition to mattresses you'll find affordable organic toddler pillows, currently available on Amazonfor $34.95. Also available are organic cotton crib sheets, crib mattress protectors, oval mattresses, cradle, and portable crib mattresses.

When we received the mattress it was easy to tell it wasn't the typical crib mattress - primarily by the smell. No toxic fumes and no need to air it out. It only had the slight smell of the latex, similar to the shredded latex pillows that we sleep on. This is a huge relief and I feel safe placing my baby to sleep on it! I hope they also consider making a twin size mattress in the future - our toddler will be switching to one soon...

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. You are absolutely right when you say having a safe mattress for your baby is critical. This is where they spend most of their lives for the first few months. Creating safe sleeping spaces will make for a healthy baby.

    Dani @ ONNO Hemp Clothing

  2. You spend so much on a baby, a bit more money for something better is a easy choice

  3. looks good ,but $380 is a bit expensive..

    1. They do sell mattresses as low as $299. It's hard to compare to a regular mattress because they do not use cheap, readily available toxic materials like other manufacturers. It's definitely a worthwhile investment because a baby spends so much time there breathing in whatever the mattress off gasses.


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