Sunday, March 4, 2012

White Fluff

Finally, fluff that isn't cloth diapers! It has been a mild winter in New England, to say the least. So we were so excited to finally get some snow before spring arrives. Baby E loves snow so much, even though bundling all of us up wasn't in my plans, who knows when we'll have snow again? I had to. If we stayed indoors we would have missed these precious moments, complete with throwing snow at mommy! Of course Baby T is snuggled in a wrap and I had to wear my "Russian hat". Baby E's huge snow suit will hopefully still fit next winter, when hopefully it will snow more.


  1. cute, my son LOVES to play in the snow too. His favorite thing is to help daddy shovel:)

  2. we got out to build snowman, i had to bundle up my little girl and she enjoyed the fresh air and snowflakes in her face =)

  3. Absolutely LOVE the snowsuit! I am ready for Spring though, lol.

  4. looks so much fun! i love the last pic


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