Tuesday, March 6, 2012


That's Baby T, all decked out and ready to vote with me today, his first time! Love the little newsboy hat that fits him perfectly now. Thankfully our polling place was only five minutes away, he wasn't sleeping yet when we got there. The wind chill is in the teens today here in Massachusetts, but since the car seat weighs like 500 pounds, I took him out and wore him in an Ergo carrier. You should have seen the marvel on all the granny's faces! I wish I captured that. 

We then dropped off books at the library and stopped at a grocery store. We have a new Aldi's that opened last week, never heard of the store before. Little did I know that I needed a quarter to get a cart! That wouldn't be a big deal if Baby T wasn't already fast asleep in the car seat, of course I wasn't going to take him out now to put in the carrier. So I dragged this monstrous car seat that probably weighs more than me (of course it does if it's 500 pounds!). Walked into the store, realized that it is 85% junk and processed food. Got some eggs and butter to make cookies today, great prices, questionable quality. Avocados were 0.99 each, better than the $1.49 everywhere else in this area!

So by this time he is fully awake, smiling at me, and I'm wondering why in the world I didn't put him in the carrier. So picture the 95 pound me, carrying a car seat with baby weighing about 25 pounds and carrying a carton of eggs, butter, and three avocados. [sigh]

We got home, and I felt like I need a nap. Of course he took a nap instead, not me :)

Yes, that's a different hat. After I realized how freezing it is outside I had to put something on him that would at least cover his tiny, precious [I-want-to-nibble-on-them] ears.


  1. I love that newsboy hat! Where did you get it from? That would be the perfect baby gift.

    1. I knew someone would ask! :) It's from KottonPickinKute on Etsy (http://www.eco-babyz.com/2011/09/welcome-baby-kottonpickinkute-newsboy.html)

  2. aww he wears the cutest hats! never knew there were such cute hats for boys!

  3. какой беби хорошенький!!!


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