Monday, March 12, 2012

Tegu Hatch Review and Giveaway

I've had my eyes on Tegu for a long time. My three year old Baby E has always been obsessed with blocks of all kinds. She also loves anything with magnets. So naturally I thought something that combines the two would be a huge hit with her endless imagination. We were excited to try the new Tegu Hatch Mobility set. 

When it first arrived it kept her attention for an entire half an hour. She sat on the couch next to grandma while I was working in the office. She always follows me to the office right away when she notices I'm gone, so this was a big improvement. At her tender age she does get a little frustrated when the blocks don't fit the way she wants them too. But she has been learning as she plays and now I don't see this frustration anymore, it has been replaced by exploration as she patiently sits there trying to see what else she can make out of the blocks. It's also fun to make ramps for Tegu mobility, we haven't really explored that option much, but here is a little video of Baby E launching her Tegu car. 

I love the little Tegu magnetic wooden wheels, they are so precisely designed. There is no end to the fun vehicles you can create with these. I don't even know how they always attach at the perfect spot on the block and don't slide around or fall off when you're playing with the car. We couldn't get the styling top on right for some reason, maybe it's just me, but it's never quite straight. That doesn't take away from the fun to be had with this toy. It's perfect for any age (over 3), something I'll have to hide when our infant starts crawling. But it is a good toy for both boys and girls, and not just kids! Coming from a design/architecture background, I think Tegu is the perfect toy for the architectural firm conference room. It's destined to become a timeless toy that kids, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy together.

The Hatch set as the one we received retails for $38 and it is compatible with all the Tegu block sets that range in price from $32 to $155. They are available for purchase on the Tegu website as well as Amazon. Tegu actively participates in reforestation efforts in Honduras and strives to create eco-friendly toys in every aspect. Tegu toys are made of obviously natural, sustainably harvested FSC certified wood and the coatings are water-based and non-toxic. When you purchase a Tegu toy you may choose to either send a Honduran child to school for a day or plant a tree.

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