Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EcoStore USA Review

Am I the only one still washing dishes by hand?

Okay, whew, I thought I was. My dishwasher has been broken ever since we bought the place five years ago, we never even considered getting a new one. I pretty much do all the dishes in this house with some [very] occasional help from my husband and mom. You could also argue that my three year old helps. She's mostly good at helping get the whole kitchen wet! We go through a lot of dish soap, though not nearly as much since we started using a spaghetti scrub instead of a sponge. I am very particular about what I use - it has to be plant-based and non-toxic. Last thing I want is toxic chemicals on dishes my family eats out of, or on my skin for that matter. We have had the opportunity to review the ecoSTORE USA dishwash liquid and Coconut & Vanilla hand wash. We worked with this wonderful company back in 2009 when they first launched in the USA!

We really like both the products we tested, they are so gentle on the skin and the list of ingredients is reassuring. There isn't as much suds as with comparable products, but it certainly doesn't hinder the performance, in fact I think it cleans better than any products I have tried and cuts through grease very well. You really do not need chemicals to get your dishes and hands clean! That is a myth. This company truly does have your health in mind and I think you'll like their little video below:

What's new at ecoSTORE? They recently launched their hair care line, a great addition to the non-toxic bath and body care products they already had. They also have our little ones covered with affordable, generously sized, baby care products. Got pets? Yes, they deserve a non-toxic pet cleaner too. What else do we love? The prices! They are so reasonable and even cheaper than many conventional toxic products! They actually recently lowered their prices by about 50%, so you have one more reason to try ecoSTORE. All the products are at least average in size and many are bigger, you're getting a really good deal - plus they are concentrated, so you use less. The huge 32 oz bottle of dishwash liquid is only $5.50 and the hand wash we tried is $3.40. Be sure to stop by their Facebook page where they are giving away hair care baskets, one for every week in March! 

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  1. I have been looking for a natural hand soap for my kids. I will have to check them out.


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