Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 in 2012: Week 10

What have we gotten rid of so far in 2012?

It hasn't been a huge two weeks, but pretty big in terms of selling some expensive items we didn't need to save up for a much needed vacuum cleaner. We have a central one that is ancient and doesn't have any suction, not to mention that when it is emptied - everything we vacuumed comes flying back out. It also can't reach our new finished attic. I have to admit, selling anything on craigslist can be a real pain! It takes some persistence. I sold my wedding gown this past summer to an awesome young lady after posting it on craigslist for four years! That was probably the longest, ever, to sell something. The GPS I was selling only took three month to get a decent offer. If you're selling something, don't be discouraged, eventually someone will come along who wants it.

On a related note, I think I have been too hard on myself for wanting perfect cleanliness. It's not attainable, I've come to realize. See, unlike many families, we are home all the time - we are playing, cooking, building, learning. We probably spend as much time out of the home as some families spend inside theirs (mostly away at work and school). It will never be perfectly clean. I'm okay with that. I like order, that's what I'm trying to accomplish with 2012 in 2012. Less stuff = easier to make order. But that doesn't mean it will ever be spotless here. Only when the kids are all grown up and married it may be possible! Even then, I'll still be making a mess when I finally can devote time to all my hobbies - cooking, photography, crafting, and painting!

Moving on:

7 broken toys (trash)
3 glass jars (recycled)
1 GPS (sold)
1 baby food maker (sold)

Total = 100 of 2012
as of March 10th

Selling YTD: made $265

Image: Amy Burton


  1. I don't keep it perfectly spotless anymore, i would never accomplish anything if i would clean all day every day.
    Wait until your kiddies grow up a little, they will drive you crazy to get out of the house, at least mine do.
    So if I'm looking at homeschooling, that means activities outside of the house is a must! My day starts with sending son to school and my 4 year old telling me, "what are we going to do today"
    Yes she is always on the mission, activities indoors and cleaning is part of it, but she always wants to go outside of the house.

    1. Baby E is okay with being home a lot when it's cold out, she doesn't mind. But once it's warmer, forget it, she wants to be outside ALL DAY. We take books and a blanket outside, go to playgrounds, meet with cousins, I try to keep it simple. She doesn't ask for much and I don't want her to get used to any elaborate trips. Once in a while it's good to go to zoos, museums, etc, but for the most part we're just playing outside and she is satisfied. :) Dirt, sticks, stones, and fresh air are her favorites! Of course that will change as she gets older...

  2. Selling anything on craigslist can be frustrating. I get annoyed by the people who say they will pick something up and then they never show. It is nice to get the money when somebody does pick something up though.

  3. That is what we mostly do when its war, discovering forest and looking for the bugs. I think as they get older they want to be involved in something more, that is why to brake the ice i take one to gymnastics and my other one to rock climbing. But of course that comes with a price =)

  4. I've taken to posting things on Freecycle (a yahoo group)in my area, to get rid of things from my house. I tried selling a couch on Craigslist for some time, and then finally listed it on Freecycle because more than anything I was ready to have it out of my basement! :)


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