Saturday, December 17, 2011

Native Remedies Childbirth Products Review

Childbirth is probably the most painful thing most women will ever experience. No wonder man has been coming up with all kinds of ways to ease the pain. I gave birth without an epidural both times, but for the second birth I wanted to have some natural means of preparing for and coping with labor and birth pain. I used the Native Remedies Easiotomy Cream, AfterBirth Drops, and Nipple Conditioning Cream that I was sent for review. These three products are great to have for any mom attempting to have a natural, minimal intervention birth. 

While I can't really say these products made things easier, since second births are almost always easier than the first, but I would like to think so! The biggest factor in making a difference was the fact that this was a water birth. But recovery was also so much easier. I took the AfterBirth Drops during the last stage of labor and after the birth. I also took arnica during labor and for several days after birth. I really think it was a combination of all these factors that made recovery a breeze compared to the first birth. I was up on my feet at home making soup the next day, compared to the first time when I couldn't walk myself to the bathroom without help for three days following birth. The Easiotomy Cream isn't something I can evaluate because I didn't get a chance to use it much. In the days leading up to labor I was too busy entertaining my toddler. Plus, considering the tearing from the first birth, it was hard to avoid it this time. Thankfully the nipple cream has not come in handy, breastfeeding the second baby is so much easier than the first! But at least I was prepared for anything that came my way. The first time it was extremely painful, I wish I had this back then. 

I think these products are a little bit overpriced considering you get so little use out of them, just immediately before and after birth. The Easiotomy Perenial Cream retails for $34.95, it is on sale for $19.95 right now, the AfterBirth Drops for postnatal recovery are $34.95 and on sale for $14.95, and the Nipple Conditioning Cream for breastfeeding is $34.95, on sale for $15.95. It really adds up if you're on a tight budget. Better get it while it is on sale! It's a great gift for a crunchy mama-to-be as well. 

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.

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  1. So good to know about these. I didn't even knew they existed. Great idea!


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