Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eco-Babyz Voted Top 115 Parenting Blogs by eCollegeFinder


We have never won any awards, blogging away for the past three years. Yes, Eco-Babyz has been around that long already! With the birth of baby T I actually completely forgot about our 3 year blogiversary. We are honored to have been chosen by eCollegeFinder as one of Top 115 Parenting Blogs.

For moms and dads attempting to get an education and have kids at the same time I've got one thing to say. You are brave! I got my bachelor's before getting married and having kids, I can't imagine doing it all at the same time! Whatever you do and whatever you choose to study, always put your kids first. They need you more than they need a parent who is educated and makes enough to buy the latest toys. Always set aside time from your studies where your kids can have your full attention, uninterrupted. I guess that can be said for any busy parent, whether you are taking classes or not. 

Thank you for choosing Eco-Babyz to be on your list!

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  1. Hi, I found you blog on Top baby blogs! Congrats on the award that is so exciting! and I love what you said about putting your kids first!
    - Jennifer


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