Thursday, December 22, 2011

Willow Pads Review & Rafflecopter Giveaway

Giving birth is no easy feat, that's for sure. I can actually say I enjoyed the labor part, in anticipation of meeting the little one. The aftermath isn't a lot of fun though. Those disposable pads that they give you were great for the first couple of days, I would not want to be dealing with washing those. I can only tolerate plastic for so long though. I was sent the Willow Store Feminine Pads for review, that's when they came in really handy. 

For the childbirth healing process it's nice to have something soft and organic down there, not irritating plastic and chemicals. I loved these organic feminine pads that were very comfortable, absorbent, and didn't leak. Not to mention it is nice not to have to keep buying disposables. They are perfect as postpartum pads or for your regular period. You can customize absorbency to suit your needs by adding inserts (sort of like cloth diapers). They are very easy to wash, I just rinse them in cold water before throwing them in with the black laundry. A little pre-treat with stain remover doesn't hurt either. 

One of you will win a regular and long Willow Pad like I received, valued at $23.90 

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