Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Baby Yet and My Articles at Thanks Mama

So I didn't give birth on 11/11/11. As much as the soon-to-be-big-sister (above) insisted and pleaded with my tummy. Looks like it will be a long weekend waiting for this little one to make his (or her) appearance. I remembered today though that I completely forgot to fill you in on another endeavor of mine - blogging for Thanks Mama cloth diaper store. I've had the fortunate opportunity to meet the owner, Helena, personally and have my toddler girl play with hers! She also has a little boy who is only a few months older than our soon-to-be-born baby. Her store is expanding and there are so many great cloth diapers and baby gear to choose from, I'm excited to be part of their small business.

Our posts over at Thanks Mama for the last two months should keep you reading while this baby of ours decides to come out, hopefully this weekend. Maybe my next post should be about natural labor induction techniques? Uhm, I should go Google that now.


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  1. haha I'm in the same boat. This child is perfectly happy in my tummy and I'm SOOOO ready for him to be out!!! He's huge!!!!! Good luck to you, and hopefully it won't be much longer for you!

  2. The soon to be big sister seems like very excited to see the baby brother. :)



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