Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Waves of Toddlerhood

Life with a toddler is never boring and any parent of one knows that!

My 31 month old daughter has been going through waves and patterns of behavior, fascinating stuff. Except for the part where her behavior doesn't coincide with me needing to get stuff done. Just when I got excited that she is comfortable playing by herself while I get some work done on the computer, she reverts to her previous wave - not letting me near the computer without asking for a video or cartoon (on the same screen).

I can almost time it now. Give it two months and she'll be back to playing with her blocks and puzzles while I work. Oh wait, that's when we're having another baby. Now that should send her little world spinning... And mine.

Don't you just love it? Just when you think you're 'getting the hang of it', they give you something new to figure out.

Boy did we have it easy as DINKS. (double income no kids)


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