Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby and Hubby Love Photos

Though we do not celebrate Valentine's Day, I felt like posting something relevant. I find myself feeling very blessed today. Just last night hubby and I were talking to each other, opening our hearts just to tell each other how thankful we are to have one another and couldn't imagine life with anyone else. In this short life I am humbled time and again by the beautiful people in my life who make each day what it is, through good times and bad, no matter what tomorrow brings.

This is a small collection of my hubby and baby love photos that bring the warmest memories of the past four years:

(above left) newly weds (above right) Three months pregnant, 2 year wedding anniversary day cruise

(above top) White Mountains four months before getting pregnant (above bottom) 2 months pregnant

(above top to bottom) Baby E 3 months old 2009, wedding day 2006, September 2009


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