Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fig Food Co. Review

I have four feet of snow outside with ten foot snowbanks. In the past sixteen years of living here north of Boston this is perhaps the snowiest winter of all! I can't remember a January with a major storm every week. So what do I love to eat when the weather is frightful? What can be better than a hot cup of soup?! While I make my own soup every week and find it to be a very economical lunch, we can all be short on time once in a while. That's the perfect time to whip out some Fig Food Co. ready to eat or condensed organic soups.

Fig Food Co. generously sent us a variety of their soups to try. We haven't tasted all of them yet, but we definitely like what we taste!

Ease of use: No chopping, no dicing, no boiling. Just shake, open, pour, heat, enjoy! Now who wouldn't like that kind of convenience? Yes, you can get the same with a regular can of soup - but with questionable ingredients, pesticides, additives, and not nearly as great a taste. This is the perfect meal for my husband to take to work if I didn't have time to make something. With a slice of my homemade bread it is a complete meal.
Quality & Nutrition: I think you already got the point that this is very high quality food that is healthy and nutritious. Speaking of nutritious, just one cup of the Gran Farro e Fagioli soup gives you 36% of the daily dietary fiber, 25% vitamin A, and 10% iron among other things. There are only 200 - 260 mg of sodium per serving. It is a 100% plant based soup suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
How is this green: Avoid pesticides by buying organic and support local farmers through Fig Food Co.'s commitment to sourcing ingredients from North American farms. A huge plus, the container is BPA free, unlike nearly all canned soups out there!
Taste: Every ready made soup I have ever tasted was over-salted. Not in this case. Fig Food soups are lightly salted and seasoned and have a very pleasant taste after which you will not thirst for a gallon of water. Try it, I think you would enjoy the wholesome, smooth flavors and aromas. It is very filling as well, not watered down.
About the Company: "Fig Food Company is poised to address three of the most pressing issues Americans face today: health care, fossil fuel independence and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Eating more plant-based food, as a percent of your total diet, will improve your health and the health of the planet. Organic agriculture requires 19 percent less energy than conventional agriculture for comparable production. In addition, encouraging people to eat more plant-based food can help reduce the proliferation of greenhouse gases and improve the environment, as current animal agricultural practices are responsible for 18 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, a higher share than the total transportation industry."

Who Would You Recommend this to? Great for vegans and vegetarians since the soups are 100% plant based. This is perfect for busy moms who sometimes don't have the time to make a wholesome meal. Perfect to take hot to school or work in an insulated food container (my husband enjoys that). I enjoy it as a quick lunch when we're pressed to leave the house quick for a trip. It can travel well too (day trips, camping) and you don't need special tools to open it!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


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