Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bendon Motherlove Review

When I was pregnant with baby E, I didn't think a nursing bra was a necessity. A few short weeks after she was born I realized I was wrong. If you are serious and committed to nursing, a nursing bra is a must have. That is our experience at least. Just like if you are serious about blogging and building your brand, you should really invest in your own domain. How's that for a comparison?

Four months later when I decided it is time to buy one, I was faced with an inconvenient problem. I couldn't find a nursing bra small enough for me! Everything in stores started with a C cup and B cups were hard to find. I am a pre-baby A cup, so C was definitely not an option! Never mind finding a wire free one. So finally I settled for a cheap, no name 34B at a local big box baby store. Nothing attractive, just simple blah. I had to alter it a little myself so that it fit more or less properly. It wasn't pretty to begin with, and now after a year it looks really dismal and stretched out. Enter Bendon Motherlove Body Lace, the prettiest, sexiest nursing bra I have seen to date. I put it on and had to double check that it was indeed a nursing bra because I've never seen one so pretty! We all know that moms changing poopy diapers, wiping spit up, and cleaning up messes all day could use a seriousdose of pretty in their wardrobe!

Ease of use: This bra has simple plastic clasps that make breastfeeding so much easier. Especially if you aren't in the comfort of your own home. Just clip on and off, no need to wrestle.

Quality & Value: This is not one of those bras that you'll have to throw out before you're even done nursing one baby. It is well made and worth the small investment. It costs twice what I spent on my first nursing bra, but there is no comparison! I would have much rather have spent the $45 to begin with than buy a cheap one several times, such a waste. It is available to buy online at HerRoom.

Fit & Design: Sorry folks, no photos of me in a nursing bra! I'll try my best to describe how it fits. First, if you are a pre-baby A or B cup, this would work perfect for you. I've read other reviews in regards to larger sizes and it didn't seem to work for everyone, but most moms love it too. I love that the band is wide and supportive, unlike my cheap bra. I instantly feel more comfortable with it on. It offers nice coverage yet not so much that you can't wear a scoop neck or deep v-neck shirt. By the way, at HerRoom where you can buy it, you can also see how it would look under shirts with various necklines, so convenient! The cups are very soft inside, don't be mislead by the lace on the outside. It isn't scratchy either, very comfortable. Unlike my cheap bra, it has 6 (!) columns of hook and eye closures in the back, it grows and shrinks with you! We all know how crucial that is after giving birth!

Now on to looks... This bra is easy on the eyes! My husband would never think it is a nursing bra if I didn't tell him, huge bonus! The lace may not be best for wearing under tight shirts, but I haven't really worn any since baby E was born, so that isn't an issue. I'm still tiny and skinny but I feel more comfortable chasing a toddler in a properly fitting shirt that doesn't make me feel like I am shrink wrapped. I really like it in black, you'll never see any breast milk stains even if they don't completely wash out.

About the Company: Bendon is mostly know for their regular and sports bras, they have a great variety and they've been in this business for more than 60 years. Bendon is an Australasian company based in New Zealand, they are more well known in Europe. I sure am glad they've come up with a line of nursing bras and I am hoping they will expand on it in the future!

Who Would You Recommend this to? Nursing moms who want a stylish, sexy, and great fitting nursing bra that is worth spending money on. Especially fitting for moms looking for smaller nursing bra sizes.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product by Bendon Motherlove for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. OH I have to check this out! When pregnant I was ALWAYS in search of a "better" bra! THANKS!

  2. At first I was thinking the same thing " I don't need a nursing bra" Then a few weeks later I thought that I need it, but something that wasn't going to break my wallet. Bought one in big dept. store then another one in maternity store, then another one in Marshall's. Probably spend more money than if I was to buy a nice nursing bra in a first place.Not to mention that all of them were soooooo ugly. Remember that Russian saying "Greedy pays twice" Well I paid three times and still wasn't satisfied. Well - live and learn.

  3. Yes, you live you learn. There were so many times I was greedy and paid twice. Now I try to just go for the high quality stuff so I don't have to spend more on replacements! :) This is applicable to shoes, clothes, toys, etc... Even food, if you think of it in terms of spending money on doctors for ailments from cheap food. :)

  4. I love these bras. So comfortable. Never need to tug at it to fix it. Sizing was spot on. Forget I'm wearing it.. I would purchase bali 3232


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