Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Toddlers' and 'Vacation' Can't Live in One Sentence

Alright, so it wasn't a vacation, it was just a day trip to the beach. But I've come to the realization that vacation in the purest sense of the word is not possible with a toddler. No, I don't mind the frolicking in the sand, tasting the sand, running after other kids' toys, and getting bitten by horseflies. It's just that when you combine all of the above, you end up needing a vacation. You come home exhausted from trying to have a good time. When you're home you can finally relax! Nobody is watching you, your toddler is not going to run into the ocean not realizing she can't swim, you don't need to watch out for other people's dogs and kids.

Not to mention having to have a diaper bag, a food bag, a beach blanket, change of clothes, stroller, and toys to haul around. As we're leaving my husbands asks "Do you really need all of that?" I answer, "Well, no, not if I don't need to change her, feed her, entertain her, sunblock her, anti-bug bite her, and have something to sit on at the beach!" I know for sure that the moment I don't take something, I end up desperately needing it. That's how life works.

Despite the trials of toddler day trips, every parent knows that in the end it was worth it. It pays off in smiles, hugs, and great beach photos! Not to mention learning a few new words and realizing how much you've missed the beach since the birth of your baby who is now a happily prancing toddler.

I remember being pregnant and thinking "Well, life is not going to change that much, we can still go places with a baby". Yes, and no. Sometimes you just don't want to go. Because with a toddler, everything takes twice as long and everything is twice as far. Your luggage will be twice as big.

Sometimes I just need to get out of the house to realize how relaxing it is to be home! Now that's vacation!


  1. is hard to vacation with kids...just seem not a vacation for me..

  2. I'm not sure which is harder: going on a vacation and taking the kids along or leaving them with a babysitter or something.:S

  3. Too funny... vacations are tough with kids but the good thing is that you will have these memories forever. The pictures of your baby playing in the sand and loving the water.

  4. Going into the experience with the right expectations is key - now that you know all that, it isn't as bad, is it? :)

    1. Now with two kids it's a little different, but gets easier as they get older! :)


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