Sunday, January 11, 2009

CPSIA Impact on Green Parenting

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is surfacing with more and more concerns for the actual benefits it will have for parents and families. While the intention of the act was good to begin with, the implications will likely be devastating to small businesses and even some public services. While I previously discussed the harm this will cause to natural toy makers, there is much more that is not visible at the surface of this all-encompassing act. Thrift and consignment shops that sell clothing, toys, and equipment for children under 12 will likely have to close their doors. Imagine the consequences for families who rely on such establishments to clothe their rapidly growing children.

The CPSIA will take effect on February 10th of this year and under its regulations public libraries might be forced to close its doors to children under 12 for lack of resources to test all the children's books. Schools might also be affected, no ruling has been released on whether libraries and schools will be exempt because they lend books and don’t sell them.

While exceptions have been made for toys made from unfinished natural materials, a lot is at stake for any toy manufacturers that use some kind of paint, finish, or dye - even if it really is natural, non-toxic, and harmless.

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