Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Water Bottle

Have you been looking for an alternative to the constant supply of disposable plastic water bottles? If so, you might be puzzled by the different options out there for reusable water bottles. We want to steer away from plastic all together and decide what is better - stainless steel or aluminum?

Both have pros and cons, but here are the facts. Both aluminum and steel bottles are recyclable. However, aluminum takes a great deal of energy/resources to mine, and is not very environmentally friendly. It has also been linked to neurological disorders and Alzheimer's (with aluminum contamination in the body starting as early as birth considering most vaccinations contain it). Out of the popular bottles out there I would recommend Klean Kanteen over Sigg based solely on the material.

Here are some of my picks for stainless steel bottles and a sippy cup:


  1. Hi all. The FOF Bottle Company is proud to offer our FOF bottles as a clean reusable alternative to the single use plastic bottles. FOF (pronounced how it’s spelled) is an acronym for “For Our Future … For Our Family … For Our Friends.”

    All FOF bottles are made of high-quality, food grade #304 (18/8) stainless steel. It’s that simple; they’re completely BPA-free, won’t leach any scary chemicals or toxins and don’t require any type of special inside lining like some other bottles. All caps are made of food grade polypropylene which also are completely BPA-free. Our FOF bottles are also independently FDA certified (not too many companies go to that extreme).

    All FOF bottles come in single-wall 550 ml or 750 ml capacity in either a brushed stainless or bright (mirror-like) polished finished. They are 100% recyclable, dishwasher friendly, eco-friendly and, quite simply, one of the classiest designs on the market today.

    They’re designed with a large bottleneck opening for 2 reasons:
    • to accommodate large ice cubes or smoothies, and
    • for easy cleaning to prevent any type of bacteria build-up.
    Small-mouth bottleneck designs can’t give you either of these.

    FOF bottles are indeed an essential ingredient “For Our Future … For Our Family … For Our Friends”. Please visit us on-line at www.fofbottles.com to learn more or e-mail for more details. Thanks

  2. If you like your rust, then stainless steel is great. Sigg Aluminum is fine as long as you don't scratch the polymer coating on the inside of the bottle Food grade poly pro bottles are just as wonderful as the other two.

  3. I did a lot of research before buying my bottle, and stainless steel is definitely the best choice.

    It sure is tough to avoid plastic! Even aluminum bottles have a plastic inner lining.

    And even most stainless steel bottles have plastic caps!

    The FDA might say that "food grade" plastic like propylene is safe, but we know better! After all, the FDA approved aspartame, too, along with a plethora of other toxic chemicals. ;)

    I finally found a stainless steel bottle that comes with a stainless steel cap:


  4. Good work finding a bottle that also has a stainless steel top. For roughly the same price one might as well buy the product that runs through the finish line.

    If you are down to buy two you can save money on shipping through the company's webstite:


  5. Just a quick update from FOF Bottles. We’re so excited to introduce a couple of new additions to our family – our pink and deep blue FOF Junior Bottles !

    Made from everything you've come to expect from our high-quality FOF Bottles -- 18/8 stainless steel, BPA free, no linings, wide bottleneck, classy design -- and now in a smaller 500 ml bottle for little hands!

    All caps are interchangeable; including our new Advent sippy spout adaptor cap. Please visit us on-line at www.fofbottles.com

    (ps: I hope everyone is aware of the problems that some very popular aluminum bottles now have -- bpa found in the plastic lining! While doing your research, please remember that all bottles are NOT created equal)


  6. In the debate of stainless steel vs. aluminum, I'm definitely leaning towards stainless steel- like they use in Klean Kanteen bottles. They use safe, food-grade stainless steel. I trust it, it's durable, doesn't leave flavors behind, and it's very durable/long lasting. Thanks for the article!



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