Thursday, April 17, 2014

#SliceofPerfect in My #MessyReality {Photo Challenge}

Today Jill Krause from Baby Rabies inspired me with her photo challenge. I read her post and nodded, I often post very nice photos of my kids but people don't get to see the 'big picture'. This above is my Slice of Perfect, I chose to crop out our messy kids/homeschooling/guest room after I've pretty much let them make a mess and move things around. 

This morning they woke up and Baby E shouted she wants to 'do school'. Our normal educational activities are nothing like school, but this time she wanted me to use the whiteboard and wanted to have 'school desks'. You can see that below. As we were doing math, we heard the beeping sound outside and my 2 year old exclaims, "Excavator!" It actually was one, and they were both so excited! They've been watching the excavator dig a whole for the past half hour. 

Less obvious in the photo is our ceiling that has leaked almost every winter. It's been fixed, painted over, and leaked on again because of ice build up on the roof. Boxes of legos, rocking hourse, exercise ball, dollhouse, just a typical play room. Notice the Christmas lights hanging. It's mid-April. They don't want to take them down!

So there you have it! My Slice of Perfect. It reminds me of having to choose daily to enjoy the 'perfect' moments among the really messy daily reality of motherhood. Otherwise we would all go crazy. 

You can tweet and Instagram your #SliceOfPerfect and #MessyReality photos to join in on the Baby Rabies photo challenge!


  1. This is the perfect example of a slice of perfect in the messy reality! Love it! Also? Isn't it fun the things that can hold their attention?

    1. :) Thanks for the comment Elizabeth! Yes, all they need is some construction workers and I have some peace and quiet ;)

  2. Oh, that makes me feel so much better. :)

  3. This is a great example! I'm glad you cropped it, but I'm glad you kept the evidence of what the room looked like too. Yay for joy in construction!


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