Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cavalia's Odysseo | Boston #OdysseoMA

We were so excited to have the opportunity to have the VIP experience at Cavalia's Odysseo show in Boston when we were invited through AnaB Social. I was not required to post about it, but it was so incredible I thought I simply must! If you are in Boston, you have a last chance to see it as they've extended shows through September 22nd. 

Now if you are in Washington D.C., Vancouver B.C., or Seattle WA, they are coming there with a show as well this fall or winter! While the VIP experience does cost a pretty penny and it's not for everyone, it is absolutely worth it even with the cheapest tickets that start at around $35 for kids and $50 for adults. 

When we first arrived, I was in awe of the sheer size of the Odysseo tents and the amount or work and manpower involved in setting up something so gigantic and putting on a show like this. Now, no person in their right mind would decline VIP tickets that are worth $250 a piece, we were pretty excited about the buffet before the show and the food was truly delicious. 

We had just over an hour to meet Annie, the wonderful marketing/PR person, and to eat our dinner. I had to feed Baby E as she's a messy eater and she didn't want her dress dirty before the show!

It was a lively scene in the beautifully lit tent, Baby E had fun exploring it. She even received this adorable plush horse that she loves, they now fight over it with Baby T. 

 We then proceeded to walk over to the show tent to be seated and it began! I took as many photos as I could, it wasn't easy because cameras were not allowed and the VIP social media people were only allowed to use a phone for photos to tweet about it. But here is what I've got, even though it certainly doesn't do it justice:

The backdrops and scenes were grand and breathtaking, it was like being transported around the world and through different cultures, climates, seasons...

Besides the amazing horses, the acrobatics were pretty amazing and Baby E was delighted to watch this!

During intermission we were waiting for daddy by the bathroom and the event sponsor had a nice car there that Baby E liked. We then had dessert and we only had 20 minutes left to eat so I didn't take any photos.

Back to the show, more breathtaking scenery...

The beginning of the last scene was just indescribable! They filled the front of the arena with water and made it into a 'lake' for the horses to perform in. 

Absolutely amazing and undoubtedly the best show I've ever seen in my life!

Immediately following we had a chance to go backstage as part of the VIP experience! We met some of the performers and all the horses. 

Baby E being her shy self, nestled in daddy's arms...

Below is the view from the hill looking out onto the spot we were sitting near the center, we could see how they were cleaning up the wet mess down there. Way past Baby E's bedtime, this was around 11 pm. 

We then met the horses and saw their manes being braided. 

We met some of the stars, they had makeup on them from the show and it reflected green with the flash! 

I snapped this last photo at the VIP entrance as we were leaving. Truly an amazing night that my daughter will remember forever. I'm so glad she is now old enough to remember things! If we ever have a chance for a similar show experience when Baby T grows up, I would definitely take him too. I liked this much better than Cirque du Soleil, it was very unique!

If you plan to attend and have any questions about the show, ask away...

I was provided with VIP tickets for my family as a social media/PR specialist at AnaB Social. I was not at all required to write any blog posts about it, the only requirement was to make live-tweets at the time of the event. I just wanted to share this with you because it is something truly worth seeing for yourself! 


  1. Thanks for writing this and for the wonderful pictures!! They have been gone from my town for 5 months now, and I miss them like they were one of my limbs. Seeing words about them and pictures is like being there a little bit. Thanks...

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you love them just as much!


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