Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Favorite Photos from Newfound Lake

I wrote in detail about our Newfound Lake trip and shared photos with you - but I had so many photos that they wouldn't all fit in one post. Here are a few of my favorites that capture the beauty of the lake, the variety of weather. I've never seen clouds fly so fast as I did there!

The sunsets are gorgeous, this is right before our bedtime with the kids. 

It seems like every afternoon a thunderstorm rolled in, so it's a good thing we went swimming every morning before Baby T's nap time! 

I love this shot my husband took of me and the kids swimming. 

Can you see? Baby T's little footprints along with my husband's feet :)

Chaos of living out of suitcases in a very small cabin. Baby T was running around in his Bambo Nature diapers and wanted me to look at his rock. 

Baby T playing with sand in the most beautiful setting a playground could ever wish for!

PS: You can see more of my photography at V & A Photography.


  1. What camera do you use for these pictures? They look so good, so vibrant.

    1. Thank you! I use a Nikon D800 with Nikkor 24-70mm f1.8 lens and I edit in Lightroom.


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