Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monkey Doodlez Snap Swim Diaper Review

The weather was in the 60s today and I'm already dreaming of watching my kids play in the water by the lake, Baby T wearing a cute swim diaper like this one from Monkey Doodlez. Isn't is adorable? We are very thankful to try this one out on our summer adventures this year! 

This funny perspective makes him look like he has tiny legs and a huge belly - which is partly true, but it's mostly the camera! If you noticed, it's not the one I usually use, our camera sustained an accident so I had to borrow my mom's point and shoot. We got the whimsical Lil Squirt snap swim diaper in size Large. As you can see it fits our 25 pound 18 month old perfectly. The size Large is designed to fit up to 35 pounds, but I'm not sure it would because the waist is already on the biggest setting. So if you are interested in one, I would suggest sizing up - if we did we would have gotten two seasons out of this swim diaper. 

We love the nautical look of the contrasting white and blue colors and the cute applique on the back, this is Baby T's favorite part - when he saw the little whale he just kept pointing to it and saying 'kit', which is Russian for whale. When I put it on him, he kept trying to look at his bum to see the whale! It's so cute! It a very high quality piece that looks like it will stand vigorous use and many washes through the summer. 

The inside layer has a very fine mesh liner and as you can see, it is a fairly simple design. There are two rows of snaps, one for the waist and one for the thighs. I do wish there were another two snaps at the waist as we are on the last two, so I hope my baby's waist isn't going to get much bigger as he grows and becomes taller/leaner. The fit is snug yet the elastic is pretty gentle, so there are no marks on the tummy and thighs. 

I think the snap-down design is great for a swim diaper because it would make clean ups for messy accidents so much easier. Since we are in the middle of potty learning, I can't exactly rely on my 18 month old to tell me when he needs to go while we are at the pool, lake, or ocean. 

I highly recommend the Monkey Doodlez reusable swim diaper if you are looking for one this summer. If you've never used reusable ones with your baby - the biggest reason to use one is that it is much cheaper. It's also so much cuter than disposables! Not to mention more comfortable and with very little bulk. The snap swim diaper is $21.95 and you could easily live through summer with just one or two. Monkey Doodlez also makes pull-up swim diapers, AIO diapers, the Tuck and Go diapering system, and many cloth diapering accessories. Another awesome thing, all Monkey Doodlez products are made in Canada and they employ home sewers instead of making these in factories. 

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this post. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. All opinions are genuine and my own. 


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