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Lil Helper Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper Review

We love discovering new cloth diaper brands here at Eco-Babyz and when I've stumbled on a diaper made of a material that combats stink issues, I had to try it. This Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper from Lil Helper - a small Canadian company, has quickly become a favorite of ours. 

It's luxurious. It has an amazing fit. It comes in just one size. It doesn't show stains. The adjustable absorbency can even handle my heavy wetter. There is just so much I want to tell you about this diaper and this company that I'll have to break it down to make it easier!

  • The first thing that struck me is the outer fabric, it's not polyester PUL, it's bamboo PUL! It's waterproof just the same way as other diapers on the market, but the outer fabric is super soft, luxurious bamboo fabric. Love it!
  • The two removable liners are made from charcoal bamboo and micro terry = a ton of absorbency and the versatility to have a trim fit if you use just one insert. They liners both attach to the inside with a snap, no loosing them in the wash and fast drying time! (Want to know how charcoal bamboo is made?)
  • The charcoal in the diapers neutralizes most of the ammonia in the baby's urine. Yes! That's been our biggest cloth diapering problem. The fabric also adheres to Oeko-Tex standards, is hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial.  
  • The diapers are one-size, so no need to buy several different sizes (7 to 35 lbs)
  • For every 3 diapers sold Lil Helper donates one to families in need in Canada, usually those that have a hard time paying for disposables and want to try cloth - single mothers or low income families.
  • Lil Helper diapers are designed by aerospace engineers! No, really! Take a look at their crazy design drawings!

Our photos don't do justice to this amazing diaper! My camera isn't back from the repair shop yet... But here is Baby T, he loved this diaper and didn't want to take it off after the photo shoot. No wonder, it's one of the softest things I've ever felt! Baby T now only wears cloth diapers at bed time, nap time, and outdoors, the rest of the day he wears cloth trainers. It takes several washes for a diaper to reach full absorbency. We only prepped it with two washes so far and it worked great for daytime for 4 hours on our heavy wetter! I can only imagine what it will be like with 6+ washes, it's definitely a perfect night time solution and that primarily how we will be using it. 

We also love the little Drawstring Wetbag we received and the Bamboo Stay Dry Liners. The wet bag is perfect for the diaper bag and holds 3 to 4 diapers. I'm sure it will also see a lot of swimsuits this summer! The stay dry liners are amazing, and as you can read on the website "Thank goodness you have the services of two unemployed aerospace engineers who readily spend time trying to solve your poop related quandaries."[smile] These 50/50 bamboo and polyester liners are soft against baby's skin, the bamboo is naturally deodorizing, and the polyester wicks moisture away from the skin. They are made in Canada and are $5.99 each.

The Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper retails for $24.95. If money was no object, I would replace my whole stash with these honestly because I'm fed up with battling ammonia with our hard water and Baby T's intense pee. Lil Helper also makes the Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper ($22.95) and the Original Cloth Diaper with cotton liners ($19.95). If you want to know, they are made in China - and here is the back story for your peace of mind. All of them have great reviews from cloth diapering families. They also have a variety of Canadian made accessories - bamboo change mats, bamboo mattress protector, and cotton flannel receiving blanket to name a few. Shipping is fast and free in Canada and U.S. with purchases over $79 and returns are hassle free.

We are spoiled now. I don't know if I'll ever find another diaper that I like more than this one. Sigh. On a positive note, now I know what to say when someone asks "If you could have just one kind of cloth diaper for your whole stash, which would you pick?"

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  1. We have two of their charcoal bamboo diapers and LOVE them. One thing you didn't mention is they have the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced. They talked to me like I was their friend and even sent me a little note and some tea with my diaper. I also wish I could afford more of their diapers but I know what to save up for! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Chantal! I'm saving up for these too ;)

      I just love how personal everything about this company feels as well!

    2. Chantal,
      We will be introducing some low-cost diapers in the coming months- so keep an eye out for those.
      And we talk to each and every customer like they are our friend because we take the trust and relationship very seriously. We understand that it takes a lot for a mom to trust the comfort and safety of their child in somebody's hand and we cherish that responsibility and treat with with the utmost respect. Thank you so much for being a proponent of our way of doing business.
      Chief Doo-Doo Officer, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

  2. I agree completely with everything you said!! We have loved and adored our charcoal bamboo diaper for months now! One thing I'd like to add that we learned a little late was that the diapers are not waterproof like a regular PUL lined diaper. We had to put a cover over this one for nighttime use, but it is still my favorite!! I was drawn to the Lil' Helper company because of the donations program that they take part in. I spread the word about them more than any other company - hands down - because of their awesome program to pay it forward (to families in the US and Canada), their great diapers and their unfailing humor/customer service! Like their Facebook page to add some humor to your days and get to really know the owners! I have fallen in love with this company and will continue to promote then long after we are out of diapers!!

    1. Really? I'm pretty sure I read that it is PUL lined on the website, we haven't had any leaks without a cover :) I also LOVE their sense of humor!

      This is from the website "Outer shell is made from breathable, water-resistant bamboo PUL"

    2. I believe that their old version did not have PUL but the newer one (that they are selling on the website now) did. So you both are right. I have one of each.

    3. Thanks for clearing that up! :)

    4. Sara was one of the first people who had written to us in the infancy of our company about how she loved our Baby Do Good project and adores what Lil Helper stands for. Just a random stranger who connected with our purpose.
      I still have her e-mail and look at it at times when things are tough, as a reminder of why we do, what we do.
      Thank you girls for supporting the whims of a couple of nerdy guys.

  3. That diaper looks amazing! I would love to buy one but DH is upset with my obsession with CDs.

    1. :) I wish I could tell you how to keep DH happy in that regard, lol. There is always the Christmas wish list ;)


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