Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mamas!

To all of my wonderful readers and fellow moms, I just want to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day! Here are some flowers for you from Baby T - she is such a girly girl, adores flowers. 

I want to wish you more days filled with "I love you mommy!" than "No mom!" 

More days filled with "I can do this!" than "I can't do this anymore!"

More love, less hate. 

More patience, less frustration. 

More kindness, less anger. 

More people in your life that appreciate you and all the things you do every day to keep the world running. 

You are an everyday hero. Hiding those scissors far away. Teaching kids to cross the street. Moving that cup of hot tea just before your toddler grabs it. Catching your toddler just before a fall that could really hurt them. Hiding all the choking hazard size items in your house.

The world would be an even scarier place to live in without YOU and all you do when nobody is really looking.

Thank you for being a reader and follower!


  1. Thank you! I love flowers too but I'm allergic to the real ones :(
    But, my 7 yr old granddaughter made me a lovely card with colorful flowers drawn on every inch of it :)
    I hope your Mother's Day is SUPER !


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