Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kids Bedroom Makeover {Part 1}

We are a spontaneous family. We've been talking about painting and getting new flooring in the kids' bedroom for over a year now. Yeah... Then one fine day my husband wakes up and says "Let's do this now!" No planning whatsoever. So we moved all of their stuff into our bedroom, including Baby E's mattress. We all sleep in one room while hubby gets the room done. 

See this. Messy kids room before the paint. Ugly, depressing wall color from previous owners.

We dug up all the paint leftovers we had from Mythic paint and hubby went to work right away. He would prime and paint for a couple of days in the mornings, before leaving for work. It is done now! I can hardly believe it's finally painted!

Baby E priming with daddy, so excited to 'help'

After a quick IKEA trip without me and the kids, hubby brought the flooring here and it will probably be about a month (or two) before it is done. As with any home improvement project, I've learned that timelines always stretch longer than you anticipate! 

I'm an Interior Designer by trade, as some of you know. It is kind of awkward for me to see my house very 'undesigned', but I've learned to be happy with it and live with it. We didn't have the time or the money for anything fancy. But now, finally, things are shaping up. Good thing because we're stuck here and can't sell it anytime soon because it isn't worth what we bought it for. So we are remodeling for ourselves, not for sale.

Hopefully soon enough I'll be sharing photos of the finished room!


  1. I love the color! That's funny - that's just how we are, too. Spontaneous and non-traditional.

  2. Looks like a different room, can't wait to come visit the new room!

    1. Hopefully it will be done before Christmas! :) I think the carpet is finally getting ripped out this Saturday.

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