Friday, November 23, 2012

Green Gifts for Babies

I contemplated doing a Holiday Gift Guide, but the idea of reviewing dozens of [fabulous] products leading up to the New Year just doesn't jive with our relaxed approach to the holidays. Doesn't help my de-cluttering campaign either. I didn't want to cram myself with more work when I really just want to relax and be with my family - not unpack boxes, take photos, edit them, write reviews.  It's so time consuming. 

But for those of you that really need ideas for Eco-friendly gifts, I am not leaving you stranded! I am doing a short and sweet series of Green Gifts posts for the variety of people in your life. These are all products we use, love, and highly recommend! A few of these may be affiliate links (I make a tiny commission that helps me keep this blog breathing) and others link to the product websites. 

I have also included unconventional charity gifts, which put things in perspective and can teach your children the joy of giving to others what they need most. 

Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments with other gift ideas! Coming soon are more Green Gifts guides (think older kids, moms, and home). 

1. Green Toys Sand Play Set $13.58 | You're thinking "What?" But the truth is, this set is perfect for playing in the snow. Baby E plays with it all year round, both in snow and sand. The best thing is that it is super durable and doesn't break, we've had it for over 3 years! Unlike cheap plastic, this U.S. made toy will not break when you step or sit on it. 

2. Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse $99.99 | A fabulous rocking horse that folds compactly for storage, made of Eco-friendly Rubberwood. You can also enter to win one here (ends 12/10). 

3. Educo My Creative Cookery Club $100.96 | A favorite of Baby E for creative culinary art! I love how compact it is, gender neutral, and the hours of open ended fun it creates. It comes with most of the accessories in this image. 

4. Think Baby Feeding Set $39.99 | I bought this set when Baby E was a tiny baby, wanting to avoid all the toxins in plastic. With this, the baby is eating out of stainless steel and the outside is plastic, so it doesn't dent when dropped. We've had it for over 3 years and use it every day!

5. Child Sponsorship with Compassion $38 per month | Baby E loves having a sponsored child in Guatemala. This relationship building with a real child living in impoverished area of the world can do so much more for your kids than a toys ever will. It's a gift that will grow with your child!

6. Safe water for a Child and Family $79 | Your gift provides an entire family with safe drinking water for life. There are more gifts from Compassion that you can give to needy children. 

7. Haba Allez Hop Clutching Toy $25.19 | A German made wooden toy that's fun for little ones. Baby T plays with it while waiting for meals when I'm cooking, when sitting on the potty, and just running around the house.

8. Woolino Baby Sleep Bag $89.99 | I don't know what I would do without these! No more waking up to cover baby at night, no more baby waking up from being cold. Natural merino wool is super soft, non-itchy, without toxic chemicals. If I didn't have one and someone gave our baby a gift like this, I would be ecstatic!  In day to day life, it is practical - because good sleep is hard to come by as a parent. They also have a toddler size on their website. (only 1 left in stock on Amazon when I looked, but the 2013 collection is on their website as well)

Tiny Baby T wearing some Sloomb

9. Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies $64.95 |  These are awesome for winter no matter if the baby is cloth diapered or not. Actually they are great year round because they are breathable! Nothing like wool. They are also sold at Thanks Mama store

10. Apple Park Organic Plush Monkey $40.35 | We've had this monkey for two years and it gets lots of love from both kids. It is so soft, durable, and simply adorable. 

I could go on and on about the gifts we think are awesome, but my kids are waiting! If you have any questions about any of these specifically, feel free to ask!

Disclosure: I want my readers to know that this post contains affiliate links. Meaning if you buy something via a link posted I will receive a small commission. It costs you nothing, but it helps me continue to run Eco-Babyz, thank you!


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