Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 in 2012: Week 48

What have we gotten rid of so far in 2012?

Yes, I'm still doing this. It seemed a little pointless to post an update twice a month. I was too busy getting rid of stuff to actually post about it. Spent some time listing items on Craigslist and thankfully made some sales!

Oh, and started my own business meanwhile as well. Huge time requirement. Thankfully it's not something to get us into more debt and it's actually helping pay off debt right now.

With remodeling the kids room (above) and realizing how much stuff I need to move from one room to another, it gave me even bigger inspiration to get rid of as much as possible.

Okay, so lets ignore the fact that we just moved over 1,000 vintage vinyl records to our house in hopes of helping out brother-in-law sell them! Yeah, I cringed. They could be worth a lot though. Yes, that is so 'like us' - we like to take risks, otherwise life can get boring. :)

So here it is, an epic purge from the past four months! Will a huge push be even possible to get to 2012 items? I'm going to try. Will I be doing 2013 in 2013? I don't think so - but that doesn't mean I am not going to sell and donate even more stuff.

Moving on:

1  stroller (sold)
2 baby carriers (sold)
1 wool rug (sold)
6 cloth diapers (sold)
3 Frying pans/skillets (sold)
55 broken toy pieces (trash)
28 random household items (donated)
260 pieces of clothing (donated)
12 books (donated)
22 glass jars (donated/recycled)
12 broken jewelry things (trash)

Total = 1,110 of 2012
as of November 24th

Selling Stuff YTD: made $1,337


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