Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby T is One!

My little handsome man is one year old?! When did that happen? It's been an amazing year with you Baby T, from the day you were born, through good times and bad. You're my little chubby ball of happiness. Smiling best at those you know and staring inquisitively at every stranger. 

They say you're so serious. They haven't seen you laughing at home with your sister and acting like the silliest one year old!

I love how you tug at my legs when I'm washing the dishes, needing me. 

I love how you dance to your favorite piano tunes.

I love how excited you get when you see daddy come home! Squealing with delight!

I love that little first tooth that came out yesterday, finally giving you some chew power. 

I love how you can find dirt anywhere and explore it to your heart's content... Okay, maybe that's not my favorite - but it's fun to watch anyway. 

Happy First Birthday Baby T!
(technically second!)


  1. Happy Birthday Baby T!!! What a precious little guy!!!!

  2. That sounds awesome, our little girl just about a week away from turning 1, and although she's got 6 teeth, she doesn't want to walk, and watching her walking on her knees is so funny. It's crazy how fast time goes by, i can't believe it's been a year.

    1. We miss her! Your little girl is so adorable! I wonder when they will meet again...

  3. Happy Birthday to your adorable sweet boy!! A year passes so fast.

  4. I remeber when miss moo (ava) my niece turned one. Everything that they say do is just mind bogeling. You see their personality and their love. It's just beautiful and makes me love her even more

  5. He is such a beautiful baby! Happy belated birthday! =)

  6. Doesn't that first year go by fast? I'm on baby #7 now and I'm still shocked by how fast it's going by. Just wait until they're 18! My 2nd child just turned 18 and he used to be a sweet little boy like yours. Now he's a sweet young man that I'm very proud of, sniff, sniff!


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