Friday, October 12, 2012

Taking a Break, Blame the Stairs!

We may be MIA for a few days! I fell down the stairs with Baby T in my arms - who was asleep. Thankfully the baby is fine, but I have injured my back and need some rest! 

It was scary! I remember slipping down the stairs... Trying to hold on to him and not drop him. Then the pain, excruciating pain. Screamed for my husband, who thankfully was home! Just before I passed out he took Baby T from my arms. I was unconscious for less than a minute. 

I saw it - my life flashing before my eyes. Images in color and black and white. I wasn't here, but elsewhere. Then I heard my husband calling for me in the background and my children crying. Laying on the floor, too much pain to move. 

Waited for grandma to come and drove to the ER. Xrays showed no fractures or broken bones. So glad to be home, alive, recovering!

Let's just say that an experience such as this really puts things in perspective. How short life can be, how one moment you can be healthy and vibrant and the next moment you can be paralyzed or worse. 

Hug your kids, kiss your husband. Be thankful. Be really, really careful on those stairs!!!


  1. Thats scary never had that happen. When i was 8 months pregnant with my daughter i fell on the stairs and injured my tailbone and still hurts and its been a year. Stairs can be dangerous for months after i had nightmares of falling on them again.

  2. As much as I love the smaller footprint of two story homes stairs can be scary. I've stumbled down ours a time or two. I always prefer to wear my little one down the stairs rather then carry her. It gives me more hands to hang on when I trip! Rest well and don't over do it while you heal!

  3. its happened to me too! it can happen to anyone try to always have a hand to catch the railings

  4. So glad you're okay!! Falling down stairs is one of my biggest fears. I always count when I'm going up and down them so I don't miss a step and hurt myself. Thanks for the reminder of how fast things can change, and to be grateful for everything you have!

  5. glad you guys are ok. stairs are very scary. im glad with 2 little ones i dont have to worry about it. hope you have a quick and speedy recovery!!

  6. OMG I 'm soo glad you and your baby are okay. Its true sometimes it takes tragedies to make us realize what we have and how short life is. I'll kiss my baby right now because I really shouldn't complain about little things and be thankful that we are here and healthy. thank you for sharing and hoping you have a fast recovery!

  7. hey you got to be carefull and then thank god your hubby
    was there and nothing happen

  8. Glad to hear you are both ok. I always fear going down the stairs myself with the baby .

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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