Monday, August 6, 2012

Plum Organics Kids Snacks Review

When it comes to kids snacks, there is never enough. We've been trying to minimize snacking for better appetites at meal time, but by all means there is still a lot of snacking around here - especially for active toddler Baby E. We mostly stay home, but a few times a week we're off exploring local playgrounds, visiting grandparents, and going to music lessons. It isn't fun when your toddler starts whining in the car that they are hungry and you forgot to bring something!

We were sent some samples of the new Plum Organics Kids snacks and we love what they have to offer. With wholesome organic ingredients (mommy love), attractive packaging (toddler love), and bite size appeal (we all love) - these snacks are something we only wish we had more of. We tried the Cruch 'Ola, Shredz, Yogurt Mashups, and Morning Mashups with oatmeal.

Baby E absolutely loves all of these. The past few months we've been trying to manage her new-found sweets addiction. She is literally asking for dessert all.the.time. While these snacks are still sweet, they are not loaded with tons of sugar like most kids snacks are these days. They are sweet, but not too sweet. They give her a little energy, but without the crash and burn at the end and not in a jumping-off-of-walls kind of way. For me they are super convenient just because as moms we know we sometimes forget to pack a snack, are in a rush, or ran out of what you usually stock. I love these because they have a pretty long shelf life. I can keep some in the diaper bag for that 'dire moment'. Some in the back of the cupboard for when the fridge is empty. Some in the stroller for when we are out and about.

The portions are perfect for kids. Of course if I had to eat it, it wouldn't be enough for me. But for a 35 pound toddler a little goes a long way! I did the taste test on everything Baby E tried and we both love it, really yummy stuff with ingredients that are balanced out - without too much of anything. 

Perhaps the only downsides I can think of is that they are expensive, not something I can afford to buy regularly. The Morning Mashups and Yogurt Mashups are $4.49 for a 4 pack, Fruit & Veggie Shredz are $3.99 for a 5 pack, and Crunch 'Ola is $3.99 for a 5 pack. Also, we thought the Crunch 'Ola snack is much too hard for kids' teeth (even mine), if eaten regularly I would be afraid it would cause dental issues. Other than that, these are perfect for on-the-go, for dessert, or as a snack. Really fun for kids and with ingredient peace of mind for moms!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


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