Friday, August 3, 2012

Natural Teething Remedies, Fun Games for Toddlers, and a Pinterest Contest

What have we been up to at Thanks Mama? Fun parenting articles, reviews, and even a Pinterest contest! My readers get the inside scoop of course. There are still 8 days left to enter the Summer Fun with ThanksMama.com Pinterest contest, with just a few clicks you can win $50 to spend at Thanks Mama on cloth diapers, wooden toys, baby carriers, baby bedding, non-toxic mattresses, bibs, and skin care to name a few. 

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Our New Articles at Thanks Mama:

Natural Teething Remedies:
"I wish I would have all the answers on how to relieve the pain for a teething baby. For now all I can offer is our experience and a few words of wisdom. Guess what?" Read more. 

Fun Games for Toddlers:
"Naturally, toddlers are infinitely curious about the world around them. It can be a challenge sometimes to keep them busy and interested in an activity. But once you find something they love, it is fun to watch them and a relief to get a few minutes to get things done around the house (or to read a book in peace until the first scream). Since all children are so different, you really have to go by trial and error when it comes to any activity." Read More.

EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants Review:
"When we were planning a trip to Washington D.C. with our 3 year old I was a little nervous. She was already potty trained, but accidents would happen often when she was busy playing or when we were out. Sometimes it was my fault, I forget to remind her to go potty, toddlers need to be nudged now and then. Other times she would ignore my reminders even though we both knew she needed to go. How would I deal with this on a road trip with so many new and exciting things around her?" Read More. 

Kushies On the Go Snack Bag Review: 
"Snacks. Kids can't get enough. My toddler girl is such a little snacker, but I am trying to minimize them as much as I can so that she is hungry at meal time and actually finishes her meals! At home that is. But with summer comes a lot of travel, and the best way to survive in a car (at the beach, park, playground, etc.) with a toddler is to give them a snack." Read More. 


  1. I feel the same when it comes to snacking, since my daughter is such a snacker and only eats little bits of her lunch and dinner. What I think is to make sure it is a really good array of snacks and then I won't worry about how much they eat at meals, since they are getting most of their nutrients from snacking.


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